Why now?

I'm an 18mwf, married for a second time. I have one child by My first husband and a slightly older child by another man. My new husband and I have started talking about starting a family of our own. Almost at the same time I started having these really incredibly dirty and intensefantasies about getting knocked up by a black man. I've even started salivating overblacks. I don't understand why this is happening to me. I love my husband but my mind and body seem to be in tevolt and I'm afraid the cravings will get out of control. I do not understand it. Plus I have always heard that a black man knows when your getting wet. He can smell it on you. Plus I'm attracted to this big black at work and that makes me afraid too. He is hot AF.

Mar 22, 2020

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  • You need to let your husband know of your feelings. Between you you can work out a solution that works for both of you. Maybe you could agree to keep on birth control and have s** with a black man as much as it takes to get it out of your system. If that does not work, beg hubby to let you have a black baby that he will raise as his own and accept life as your cuckold.

  • Ummm just curious does it have to do with attention? And all the attention of black lives matter movement and riots. ??? Did it spring up outta no where and suddenly are you craving acceptance from the world....God loves you regardless of the world. you're accepted......I ask because you said there's this big black at work. Not someone I'm attracted to at work . just big black.....

  • I'm sorry but I'm the end I can only say you must have self control. I don't understand how your so young with children but I hope there doing OK. You maybe got married to young and weren't able to experience life to the fullest and regret it. Maybe talk with your husband and maybe he won't mind having a 3 sum. It would be a good way without cheating to do it. In the end you live you life.

  • I had my first baby at 13 and my second at 16. Itt' probably lucky I'm in stay-hhome corona state or I might already be pregnant by the black from my work. I swear tofucking God if that MAN show any interest in me or in my womb I am going to get on him him and start giving him more babies than he can count!!goddamm he is fine AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go to the veterinarian and get yourself spayed. You’ve already made two kids that will probably be screwed up.
    Don’t make anymore children.

  • My children are fine thank you! I love them and my new husband makes it easy for me to provide for them. I love him for that!

  • You're a s*** with no integrity looking for a paycheck. Your new man is no man, never take on a roastie with baggage my friends.

  • My husband does have money. Does that mean no girl should live him??? You are a fool!

  • This is so erotic and beautiful! We white beta males need more women like you in the world. Your true inner self is coming to the forefront - you are a dominant, strong female and need a muscular, virile black Bull to satisfy you sexually; and when the time is right, to breed you with his potent seed. His weighty black c*** will thoroughly fill and stretch you, the tip practically at the very entry to your womb due his manly length. I recommend you get onto tumbex.com asap and begin researching the cuckold, female-led relationship style so you can learn how to train and discipline your husband.

  • Thank you for being so nice about this when many others are not. You somehow seem to understand and that's encouraging. Yes what you said to me is true. I need to in control of my relationships and I need what you described. A white husband who accepts an inferior position and knows he can't satisfy me like a huge black who can thrust into me and pound away at my cervix, and who will tell me, "i'm going to breed you" and isn't afraid to tell my husband that I am his. "property", no matter .my marital status. It sounds like you really understand these things and maybe you've been down this road yourself. You seem to just "know". Thank you.

  • Listen, I'm about 15 years older than you and I know how I was when I was your age. You are still young and sexually adventurous, which you SHOULD be at your age. That's why this is happening to you. You know you will eventually f*** this black guy, so stop getting all worked up and just do it, but be sure to use birth control or you will really f*** up your life. I've had several affairs and if you can handle your lover right, you can see him and your husband won't even know. My first husband had no clue, and my current husband hasn't found out either, and I'm currently f****** this stud that works in the building next to the one I work in. I've had a few blacks myself; they are great in bed, but I don't think they can tell when you are wet any better than the whites or Mexicans I've f*****. Good luck and have fun.

  • I love love love LOVE all your experience!!!! Please tell me more about you husbands and your outside action. I want to be as strong and smart as yo are!!!

  • Well, I started f****** my first husband when I was 15 and he was 16. I thought he was real cool, he smoked and taught me to smoke, which I LOVE and won't ever quit, btw, and already had a car. Soon, we were going steady, really in love. Then I got pregnant (no, I didn't quit smoking---ooops), so we had to get married. A couple of years later, things fell apart and he didn't come home for days. Well, my s** drive was going crazy, so I started f****** around. Turns out that's what he was doing, so we divorced. I met my next husband in a bar, and we eventually got married. He just slowly turned into a sexual bore, so I had a long affair with a coworker. Much older but sexy as h***; he was divorced. I never ever brought him home, also went to his place, and showered afterward. Bring your own soap and shampoo, the kind you use at home, so you smell the same. You have to make it clear to the guy that its just s** you're after, and don't let him get too close--unless you want to, in which case, you really need to think about whether you still want to be with your husband. More to my story, but I'll stop now.

  • I really love the advice about soap and shampoo. Wow!! That is so helpful to me. I haven't got to use it yet, but I know I will and probably in this week! One of the guys I date, his wife is going out of town to her parents house and taking their kids, so I will probably stay over there at least 2 nights (telling my husband I'm going to a girlfriends house) thank you for this great advice. When you play do you usually go for single guys or married ones?

  • Thanks, glad to help. I try to married guys since they have as much to lose as i do should they be careless. And also, they are more likely to not want to start going steady or anything. BUT, having said that, every once in while, there is just this gorgeous hunk and you take your chances....

  • God you were so grown up so early. I am so impressed with all your relationships and I admire the way you went about each one. I also love fact that you smoked during your pregnancies.. I did the same. In fact I got picked up in a bar one night while I was pregnant because the guy said how sexy I looked to be smoking and pregnant. We dated for a whole month and he loved doing me the whole time. I wish he would come back and get back on me again.
    Thanks sooooooo much and you are so look my hero!!!!!!

  • Yeah, you sound like fantastic wife and mother material. You've already made a terminal mess of your life and you can't even drink legally yet. Isn't it great how we let such quality people breed! :)

  • Thanks for that!! I've had several men tell me I am serious marriage material and say they would marry me in a heartbeat if I was free! Thank you so much!!!!!

  • R O F L M A O

  • The voice of jealousy

  • LOL! Yep, there's just so much to be 'jealous' of there xD

  • You sound like a f****** idiot. This is why everyone hates white people lol

  • No man can actually smell you creaming, not even a highly sexed black, unless he's got his nose in your box. That's a myth. Yes, black men are bigger and better, but their olfactory sense is no stronger than a white man. Black men do f*** you better, but whites are better pussyeaters. My advice (from very personal experience) is to stay with your husband and play with the black man or men on the DL. And do NOT let that black knock you up: that's sexy and hot, I admit, but it's asking for BIG trouble. Keep your babies all-white. TRUST ME, HUN. Don't even mention mixed babies to your black co-worker or he'll be all over your hot little ass. And he'll keep you pregnant all the way to menopause. It's just how those animals are. It's how they live.

  • Sorry to disagree with you. Many black men I have f***** with are really good p**** eaters with their thick lipped-mouth. The tongue graze along your slit, darting inside and flicked good on your c***. Well, they do f*** well - almost ravishing my p**** to almost pulp through deep plowing and strokes!! Best when I ride his c*** and synchronize our o******!!

  • Yes and looking down to see that black head between your pale thighs is a real thrill!

  • Let him inside of you

  • If I get with him I will totally do that. But I won't let him knock me up unless he agrees AND WANTS IT AS MUCH AS ME! he's a total bulll!!!!!!!!!

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