Doing the Ex wife

After my first wife and i separated heading for our divorce we were still in contact with each other. There was always something that she wanted or that I wanted and one day in her apartment we started s******* like crazy, I couldn't help it, it just happened.
By then both of us were dating someone else. in my case it was my future second wife , in her case it was one of her co workers.
When one of us would come home from a date we would call each other up and one would go to the others apartment and would have amazing s**.
I don't know what it was, maybe it was the excitement of it all , Maybe it was the idea of having two women in the same night. She loved it as well, sometimes i would wait for her call knowing she was out with her lover only to go over to her place and s**** her brains out.
This went on for a year and my future wife never knew about any of it. As time went on we saw less and less of each other, it became hard to see each other so we just stopped.
I got married and she moved in with some guy. I lost contact with her and she with me but i will never forget the great s** we had when we were separated.

Mar 27, 2020

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  • I hope this never happens to me. Just started the divorce and I feel such relief that I know one day I’ll no longer have to listen to her b**** at me for working too hard. And I’ll never have to endure another time of boring s** where I also have to work too hard.

  • After my first boyfriend and I saw the movie "Same Time, Next Year" while on a date together, he decided we should get together at least once a year for the rest of our lives. It was weird talking about this as we were still happily dating. I knew we weren't forever but still... I agreed because it was a turn on to think about it and I figured I could change my mind any time.

    We didn't break up for 1 1/2 years. It wasn't a good break up so I wasn't even thinking about him when he showed up wanting his first after break up annual s****. I laughed at him and turned him down in the most mean way I could think of. He was persistent though and would whisper that I still owed him whenever we'd pass by. He wore me down and I eventually let him bed me. No surprise, he showed up again the next year. He had a girlfriend but that didn't stop him. He didn't stop when I had boyfriends or he had girlfriends.

    When I got engaged I tried to avoid him. I freaked out and eventually told the truth when I learned my betrothed invited him to our wedding. My dear husband totally misunderstood me when I explained my past with my ex. He was surprised, aroused and totally cool with it. I couldn't believe my ears when he encouraged me to keep up this 'tradition' with my ex. He was completely willing to invite my ex to our honeymoon! No Way! was my answer. I did Not want my ex to know I had full permission to keep seeing him.

    I love my husband and I'm grateful to him. I've outlived both of the two longest loves of my life. I'm willing to get remarried but at my age, a good man is hard to get

  • I divorced my 1st wife 55 years ago I was 30 she was 25 at the time.

    Three months after the divorce was final we started f****** regularly. She became open to any kinky and perverted s** act I suggested. We were both dating other people who we married, at least twice a week we f*** our brains out. Often at swingers parties.

    All the kids she had while married to her second husband are mine. My second wife never suspected a thing.

    Both out second spouses are now dead and even at 85 and 80 we have s** almost every day. We both are in the same retirement living complex.

    She still loves a*** and 3somes. Most of the women here are very open to it and any man who can still get it up. I still can pleasure two women at a time.

  • Soul tie. It's spiritual. Gotta cut that tie.

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