Chinese are scum of the earth

Growing up I used to have a neutral opinion of the Chinese with a dose of curiosity. By the 60's, however, I knew the Chicoms were the enemy. I used to pity what the Japanese did to them in WW2. I even was shocked by how many of them we slaughtered in the Korean War. But now, in the more informed internet era, I've come to have a seething hatred of them and their culture due to their treatment of animals. I'm talking about the live meat markets. What they think of as a great meal (boiling a puppy alive), would get them hard time here in the states and a long parole with mandatory mental illness treatment. The Chinese apparently are collectively too stupid to farm and raise cattle. They have to torture and eat kind, sensitive, and intelligent creatures that have been bred over the centuries to give love and companionship. Look at the faces of the killer monkey Chinese at the meat markets as they torture dogs, cats, etc. These are the faces of absolute sub-humanity. I hope I live to see the US sponsor a nuclear cook-out of these scum. Japan, are you listening?
The Chinese are the excrement of the planet.

Mar 27, 2020

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  • Lets hope the next bug out of china wipes them all out..

  • Most hate stems from idiots believing misinformation told to them by other idiots ... like most republicans are these days

  • 1. Over 99% of the 1.4 billion Chinese people do not eat dogs.
    2. Most Chinese people are completely disgusted cruelty towards animals and there have been many rescue missions
    3. Two years ago the Chinese government has official banned consumption of dog and cat meat but the headlines that came up in the western newspaper came up with misleading headlines telling the opposite by quoting the few bad Chinese people who opposed the ban
    4. There are a lot of anti-China propaganda in the past 10 years. They are deliberate smears done to suppress the economic rise of China

  • Chinese are the absolute filth of mankind scum to the hilt. They are a demented people and very much a backward nation for f**** sake the slant eyed c**** eat MONKEYS cats and dogs live the barbarian degenerates roast them live in Whuan markets the filthy slant eyed coolie GRUSOME sadistic filthy smelly little c**** they are scourge of mankind the barbarian bastards


  • So say all of us

  • China and the Chinese are just like Donald Duck.

  • B A S E D

  • Chinese are the absolute scum filthy abominable deplorable despicable slant eyed midgets and heathens. They steal our teck U S tech because the C**** are thick barbaric dense as s*** degenerates at beat ha ha ha ha. Slitty eyed filth

  • Chinese should use fox-hunting, like we Brits or bear-baiting which we developed.

    Here's what we did to scum such as Kenya's Mau Mau: Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of prisoners died. Many succumbed to hunger and disease, including almost all the children in some camps. Many others were murdered. Some were beaten to death by their British guards. One, as the governor of Kenya, Sir Evelyn Baring, acknowledged in a secret memo, was roasted alive. Others were anally raped with knives, rifle barrels and broken bottles, mauled by dogs or electrocuted. Many were castrated, with a special implement the British administration designed for the purpose. “By the time I cut his b**** off,” one of the killers boasted, “he had no ears, and his eyeball, the right one, I think, was hanging out of its socket”. Some were rolled up in barbed wire and kicked around the compound until they bled to death. If you know nothing of this history, it’s because it was systematically censored and replaced with lies by the British authorities.

  • Wow so f****** racist

  • I concur chinese are scum

  • Always were and always will be.

  • Ch1nk apologists and sympathizers have never experienced what it's like for ch1nks to take over their country. You know what it's like when your house is infested with rats and cockroaches? That's what it's like, the only difference is you can kill rats and cockroaches but not ch1nks.

  • They hoard so much. I have to deal with rats a lot! They have really s***** behavior. The Chinese relatives are trying to change the name on the house and want everyone to hate me, and than they want something bad to happen to me, that way, people will not defend me. I feel like I can relate to the Uighurs because of this. Chinese abuse their kids. They torture animals in their home country. I think they threaten to side with North Korea so people kiss Chinese ass. Chinese tell other people Chinese are smart and attractive when in realty it is quite the opposite. Chinese lie so much because it is their culture to lie.

  • Please don't worry. They won't be around much longer: Trump is going to bomb them to f*** and back!!

  • Please. He's too busy murdering his own country and crying for attention, not in that order.

  • Go hide in your basement with Lazy Joe Biden. Or join the Demonrat party sponsored fake protestor/looters.


  • Yeah, because only Democrats can see that your orange manchild god is beyond disgusting. Go stuff that useless stinking hole under your nose with more pork rinds and rub one out thinking a megalomaniac gives two $hits about your trailer-dwelling a$$

  • The only thing you’re better than is a c****, N*****.

  • Forget about eating dog, they brag about eating monkey brain while the poor thing still alive. and that nothing compare to eating human baby just a few month old.
    One thing I want to make is clear: we Asian people hate the Chinese even more than you do, we are the victim of their expansion, they think they more superior than us. Matter of fact, Chinese divide people in the world into two group: if you white you are savages, if you not white non Chinese you are n******. simple it that.

  • These Chinese scum that torture and abuse animals deserve to die a painful death. I wish and hope that they all die. They are a useless vile scythe on humanity. They, and all there people that do nothing to stop this cruelty need to be wiped off the face of the earth. I hope that a massive catastrophe killed and wipes them all out. Boycott china , there people and their products. Scum!!!!

  • Guess who made your computer /phone that you are typing this with

  • Chinese economy only improved because Chinese suck up to the people they hate, the white people.

  • Yes. that's probably why they don't last very long, if you get 6 months out of them you have done well.

  • That's called "planned obsolescence", moron. American-made stuff is the same way, even more so. Go find a working iPhone 4, we'll wait.

  • Low life lying scum, death to you all

  • You know what’s funny? Indian people think of us A,Erica s the same way we think of Chinese people. We’re like “damn Chinese jerks eating puppies!” And Indian people are looking at us like “damn gross Americans eating cows.”

    In the end everyone has a little bit of disgusting demon blood in them.

  • How in the world did you mess up "America" so damn badly? You can't even blame autocorrect for that one.

  • Makes me want to have a nice steak or burger. Think I'll have both!

  • Yep. Not that the worst examples of this are capable of hearing your perceptiveness.

  • The Chinese are an invasive, aggressive people, convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are your superior, and you dont play along, they'll kill you and your family, make no mistake, the chinese are your enemy.

  • Completely unlike Americans in every way, shape, and form. You are like SO right.


  • I don't even mind that they eat dogs, but wtf they cook them while they are still alive. What heathens. Eating bats and stuff that create COVID is just another sign that the Chinese are subhumans morally based on how they process food. What a f****** disgusting part of the species.

  • No animal deserves to die for food or any other reason. If you eat farmed animals but draw a line at Westernised pets you're a hypocrite. All are equal, all have the right to live.

  • There's almost 1.5 billion of them. Doesn't that tell you something about how responsible they are? They don't give a rat's ass about the rest of us.

  • Just to use this site as an example, you can throw a rock and hit four "I need a baby" stories, almost always from people who should be sterilized for the good of the species. So I am wondering what your point is.

  • My father fought the Chinese horde during the Korean War. Now I worry that my son (in the Air Force) will eventually be fighting them, too.

  • Why worry? Is the sacrifice of your son not enough for the motherland? Is that not the price one pays for being a proud member of such an advanced and noble country?
    Sorry, can't keep a straight face anymore. Your son dead yet?

  • For everyone's information, there were multiple instances of mysterious pneumonia causing infections last year, well before the occurrence in Wuhan. For the educated, reasonable people , may I suggest doing your research. For the haters, crawl back into your mum, you waste of space crybabies.

  • F*** you, a******!

  • O stfu you piece of s*** people created this monster and you still want to justify...don’t call your self human beings you are nasty s*** eaters of bats

  • You can't reason with racists. The only thing that comforts me is that one day you'll grow old and infirm and p*** your pants while everyone hates you. Have a nice life lol

  • Wouldn't be such an issue in US if Trump had kept funding for the Centre for Disease Control a few years back.

  • Man you people are really stupid lol

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