Chinese are scum of the earth

Growing up I used to have a neutral opinion of the Chinese with a dose of curiosity. By the 60's, however, I knew the Chicoms were the enemy. I used to pity what the Japanese did to them in WW2. I even was shocked by how many of them we slaughtered in the Korean War. But now, in the more informed internet era, I've come to have a seething hatred of them and their culture due to their treatment of animals. I'm talking about the live meat markets. What they think of as a great meal (boiling a puppy alive), would get them hard time here in the states and a long parole with mandatory mental illness treatment. The Chinese apparently are collectively too stupid to farm and raise cattle. They have to torture and eat kind, sensitive, and intelligent creatures that have been bred over the centuries to give love and companionship. Look at the faces of the killer monkey Chinese at the meat markets as they torture dogs, cats, etc. These are the faces of absolute sub-humanity. I hope I live to see the US sponsor a nuclear cook-out of these scum. Japan, are you listening?
The Chinese are the excrement of the planet.



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  • To the Op and most of the commenters:


  • Wow so f****** racist

  • I concur chinese are scum

  • Ch1nk apologists and sympathizers have never experienced what it's like for ch1nks to take over their country. You know what it's like when your house is infested with rats and cockroaches? That's what it's like, the only difference is you can kill rats and cockroaches but not ch1nks.

  • Please don't worry. They won't be around much longer: Trump is going to bomb them to f*** and back!!

  • Please. He's too busy murdering his own country and crying for attention, not in that order.

  • Go hide in your basement with Lazy Joe Biden. Or join the Demonrat party sponsored fake protestor/looters.


  • Yeah, because only Democrats can see that your orange manchild god is beyond disgusting. Go stuff that useless stinking hole under your nose with more pork rinds and rub one out thinking a megalomaniac gives two $hits about your trailer-dwelling a$$

  • Forget about eating dog, they brag about eating monkey brain while the poor thing still alive. and that nothing compare to eating human baby just a few month old.
    One thing I want to make is clear: we Asian people hate the Chinese even more than you do, we are the victim of their expansion, they think they more superior than us. Matter of fact, Chinese divide people in the world into two group: if you white you are savages, if you not white non Chinese you are n******. simple it that.

  • These Chinese scum that torture and abuse animals deserve to die a painful death. I wish and hope that they all die. They are a useless vile scythe on humanity. They, and all there people that do nothing to stop this cruelty need to be wiped off the face of the earth. I hope that a massive catastrophe killed and wipes them all out. Boycott china , there people and their products. Scum!!!!

  • Guess who made your computer /phone that you are typing this with

  • Yes. that's probably why they don't last very long, if you get 6 months out of them you have done well.

  • That's called "planned obsolescence", moron. American-made stuff is the same way, even more so. Go find a working iPhone 4, we'll wait.

  • Low life lying scum, death to you all

  • You know what’s funny? Indian people think of us A,Erica s the same way we think of Chinese people. We’re like “damn Chinese jerks eating puppies!” And Indian people are looking at us like “damn gross Americans eating cows.”

    In the end everyone has a little bit of disgusting demon blood in them.

  • How in the world did you mess up "America" so damn badly? You can't even blame autocorrect for that one.

  • Makes me want to have a nice steak or burger. Think I'll have both!

  • Yep. Not that the worst examples of this are capable of hearing your perceptiveness.

  • The Chinese are an invasive, aggressive people, convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are your superior, and you dont play along, they'll kill you and your family, make no mistake, the chinese are your enemy.

  • Completely unlike Americans in every way, shape, and form. You are like SO right.


  • I don't even mind that they eat dogs, but wtf they cook them while they are still alive. What heathens. Eating bats and stuff that create COVID is just another sign that the Chinese are subhumans morally based on how they process food. What a f****** disgusting part of the species.

  • No animal deserves to die for food or any other reason. If you eat farmed animals but draw a line at Westernised pets you're a hypocrite. All are equal, all have the right to live.

  • Animals eat other animas and humans eat animals! Thats called the food chain.
    But like most normal countries we humanly dispatch an animals life. We kill it as fast as we can. But you can't say the same for China they purposely torture animals because they believe as the animal suffers the animal releases adrenaline into the meat which makes it taste better. look for yourself

  • There's almost 1.5 billion of them. Doesn't that tell you something about how responsible they are? They don't give a rat's ass about the rest of us.

  • Just to use this site as an example, you can throw a rock and hit four "I need a baby" stories, almost always from people who should be sterilized for the good of the species. So I am wondering what your point is.

  • My father fought the Chinese horde during the Korean War. Now I worry that my son (in the Air Force) will eventually be fighting them, too.

  • Why worry? Is the sacrifice of your son not enough for the motherland? Is that not the price one pays for being a proud member of such an advanced and noble country?
    Sorry, can't keep a straight face anymore. Your son dead yet?

  • For everyone's information, there were multiple instances of mysterious pneumonia causing infections last year, well before the occurrence in Wuhan. For the educated, reasonable people , may I suggest doing your research. For the haters, crawl back into your mum, you waste of space crybabies.

  • F*** you, a******!

  • Go to h*** you chinese creep

  • The pandemic is here and it came from china , what don't you understand ?

  • O stfu you piece of s*** people created this monster and you still want to justify...don’t call your self human beings you are nasty s*** eaters of bats

  • You can't reason with racists. The only thing that comforts me is that one day you'll grow old and infirm and p*** your pants while everyone hates you. Have a nice life lol

  • You can't reason with a stinking liberal , when he has no answer he calls you a racist. The only thing that comforts me is that you will drop dead some day

  • You can't reason with a MAGAt, when he has no answer he calls you a liberal. The only thing that comforts me is that we're heading into a social situation that will make killing people okay, if you do it quietly enough. If MAGAts think they're the only ones who know how to drive cars into crowds and pull triggers, they are in for a very big surprise.

  • Wouldn't be such an issue in US if Trump had kept funding for the Centre for Disease Control a few years back.

  • As usual you stinking liberals got it all wrong. It wasn't Trump who cut the CDC, it was that fool Obama and his stooge Joe the j*** who wouldn't fund getting inhalers. NY would have had 16000 more inhalers than what it has now. Obama and the fools who worked for him refused to listen to the CDC when they told him on several instances that we here in the US were not prepared for a pandemic So what did Obama do , he did what he did best, he ignored them and here we are today up to our necks in a stinking pandemic.

  • No everything can be blamed on Trump. For example, you were already this stupid long before he took office. So........ That's all on YOU.

  • Riiiiiiiiight. Obama. Jesus, Trump is nearing the end of his first term and you’re still using that same scape goat like you have been trained to do? Jesus man, take some responsibility for s*** and own up to your administrations faults. Trump’s administration ousted the CDC pandemic response team and plan. So yeah own up to it and at least gain a smidgeon of respect for yourself.

  • When the world is crying out for vemtilators you send them inhalers?

  • Are you dizzy from all that spin? Stop embarrassing your fool self. And I am no liberal, "stinking" or otherwise. Just someone with two living brain cells to rub together, which is more than we can say for you!

  • Whats the matter, you don't like the truth ? To bad sonny we are up to our necks in this filthy virus due to obama and his BS policies.

  • Then I guess your orange boy doesn't have any pull, seeing as he's been in the office for almost four years and is still helpless against Obama's incredible power.

  • That is exactly what you have 2 stinking brain cells

  • Such a pathetic little one-track mind... lol

  • That happens when you have fewer than two brain cells, stinking or otherwise.

  • Man you people are really stupid lol

  • Yea , i wish i was as smart as you damn fool.

  • You aren't as smart as my dog, let alone me. Go die in a hole.

  • Just yesterday it was Iran that we hated. How quickly things change. Remember that book 1984

  • Nothing has changed you idiot, we still have an enemy in Iran but the true enemy of the US in china.

  • We like to hate. Mainly because it doesn't require intelligence ;)

  • Liberal fool when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Great way to prove their point. Shut up and sit down.

  • Up yours

  • Keep replying if the existence of people smarter than you makes you sad...

  • WOW, what a come back

  • Yup, it makes them sad. How pathetic :)

  • China seems to have gotton on top of the virus.
    USA is about to be slammed.
    But hey don't worry Lord God Almighty Trump will tell us it's all OK and we will believe him and love him all the more.

  • China isn't on top of anything . They lie like rugs , they had a problem early in november but kept it quit until it was discovered by the poor slobs who got the virus. We will never know how many chinese got the virus ,
    They knowingly let their infected people travel all over the world , infecting this country and in Europe , Japan and Korea.

  • "Believe me!" "Bigly!" "Yuge!" And always, always with the jazz hands-- when he's not clasping them between his knees like a scared third grader, anyway.

  • Typical stupid liberal reply, when you get this virus and die , I will p*** on your grave.

  • You know for a fact they'll catch the virus and die from it? You know who they are? You're all mouth and no brains, and you prove it every time you use that keyboard unsupervised.

  • Gee I wish i was as smart ass clown like you

  • Glad I'm not a dumbshit like you!

  • So who's side are you on ? It sounds like you are a shill for the chinese , are you ?

  • Oh sweetie... this is a situation as old as humanity itself. Lunkheads like YOU get all fired up and anyone who isn't braying right along with you is a "shill" or a "turncoat" or any other words betraying your hurt little feelings. You are lashing out at anyone who isn't shrieking "ME HATE CHINESE, URRR" as loudly as you. You are not very evolved, and all you've got going for you is noise. Exactly like a helpless, ego-laden three year old who is all "ME WANT" and no personal power.

    I pity you.

  • I really pity you instead libturd. It is perfectly ok to hate the chicoms for what they have done to the West so far, while you try to belittle those who hate them with that smug attitude of yours. If I could, I would slap that stupid smile off your ugly face.

  • No, you wouldn't. You don't have the coordination. And I'll belittle every person who needs it, which is stupid mouthy people like you who are in very real danger of being made to stop breathing my air.

  • Chinese nationals who are in our country are agents for the chinese government. They steal everything they can get their hands on

  • Yes. All of them are, be they man, woman or child. Trump should have deported them or have them executed during the initial stages of his presidency.

  • Could we possibly check if the asian person you are about to beat up are chinese or Korean? I am Korean and sometimes I am afraid to go out now..

  • The Koreans were infected the same way we were, by the chinese letting the infected chinese people travel all over the world.

  • I am very sorry you're experiencing this. I wish stupidity rendered humans harmless.

  • I've known some nice Chinese people, but damn, they eat the most unsanitary garbage on the planet. Can we stop having "wet markets" with animals that no one else civilized eats and f****** get real? China needs to feed people s*** that is regulated and won't spread disease to the rest of the world. They are an epic failure.

    Meanwhile, the tech world in China is busy stealing and copying technology from the rest of the world. F*** China.

  • First I have to say wet markets are not Chinese centric, they are all over Asian countries. It’s just that China has got the spotlight on them now.

    Second I whole heartedly agree about the tech world. F*** them right in the ass for blatantly stealing s*** Instead of trying to work with the rest of the works and doing it right.

  • Coronavirus (Chinese virus.) They have to own up to it! Like the Spanish Flu is called that (That's a European country and no one complained about racism) so deal with it!

  • Do some very basic research and discover for yourself where the "Spanish" flu originated.

    Now where's the MAGAt who's so threatened by everyone smarter than him?

  • China needs to face up to the fact there is a cultural problem with hygiene. If Coronavirus is not enough to realize this, I don't know what else.

    Chinese citizens are around the world and need to respect the country they are in. Not be dumping tissues, diapers, trolleys etc around everywhere. We need dialogs for peace and understanding in dealing with problems like Coronavirus (Chinese virus). We don't want hate either. We need to work together.

  • Both China and India have cultural hygiene issues.
    Both are very highly-populated countries, like the US.
    Yet the US now has more active cases than either China or India, and that number hasn't exploded yet.

    What does that tell you about US cultural hygiene?

  • India got the nipah vurus

  • It tells us nothing the chinese lie like rugs . We will never know how many chinese have this virus . Who the h*** eats bats ?

  • Way to not answer the question, doofus. Aren't you going to sob the word "liberal" for no reason, like you've done everywhere else?

  • Why bother to talk to a j*** like you , doofus.

  • Still can't answer the question, huh. Just sidestep it and start calling names, like your manchild "president".

  • If corona didn’t stop god forbids..I would love to see all other countries nuking these bastardss

  • They started this virus and lied about it . They tried to blame the USA but no body believed them . This is the third time they produced some filthy virus and every one is paying for it.
    When this is all over i hope the world will see them for the greedy pigs they are, no matter who they pay off.

  • Amen, I'm sick of their crap, and now, infecting the world, I hope everyone shuns their takeaways, restaurants and businesses, make it bad for them

  • I hope there's a massive huge gigantic earthquake for the b*stards!

  • This again?

  • There was SARS and yeah now we got Corona/Chinese virus!

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