Girls Night Out

The wife told me she was going to a party this friday night. It was several blocks over and down the street at a friend's house. Each was to bring some food , that kind of thing.
To tell the truth i was glad to get rid of her for a while. Being with the neighbors wives would have been boring as h*** for me or any husband for that matter.
None of the husbands would be there just the wives.
She left at 8 pm and I stretched out on the sofa with some beers . As she walked out the door I noticed she was wearing a skirt and a white blouse, nothing special , she wasn't dressed to kill.
Around 12 am I decided to walk the dog , so off we went and I wound up near the house where the party was going on. I could hear them talking and laughing and I stood there for a while just listening while the dog did his business. I wasn't sure but i thought I heard the voices of some men , so I walked up the walk to look in through the windows. I couldn't see anything so I walked around the side of the house and was able to see into the basement , there i saw a woman kissing some guy I didn't know. i also saw two people on the sofa and they were going at it hot and heavy.
What the h*** was going on , this was supposed to be a party with no husbands , clearly there were men at this party and none of them were neighbors or friends of mine.
The wives were there but the husbands were all at home.
I started looking into any window I could see into, there were couples in some of them and they were all s******* or about to.
So now i began looking for my wife and there she was in one of the bedrooms with some guy i didn't know, she was making out like a hot wife and she had nothing on below the waist. I watched as they fell on the bed and began making love . They were completely into each other as I stood there like a fool .
After some time they finished up and i decided to leave for home.
I didn't know what to say or do , should i tell the other husbands , should i break down the front door . should i kick the wife's ass ,what ?
I got home and waited for my miserable wife. She walked in at 3 am looking perfect, her hair wasn't messed up , her clothes were perfect , her makeup was also perfect. i pretended to be sleeping when she jumped into the shower, no doubt to clean up her lovers s****. She came out naked and jumped into bed. she crawled up to me and began to stroke my private parts to no effect so she went to sleep.
The next day she got up before me and made the coffee and was in the kitchen cleaning up.
I asked how was her party, Who was there , did she drink allot , how was the food ?
She answered every question i asked with complete assurance
I remember thinking she was lying through her teeth, she had the b**** to lie to my face about her ladies only party. And the other wives , were they lying to their husbands as well ? How long has this been going on ? Who planned it, who was the ring leader ? Where would the next party be ? When was it to take place and who would be there ?
I knew i would be there as well but this time i would be armed with a camera and maybe a witness or two.

Mar 31, 2020

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  • Dude just go with it ! take advantage of the lifestyle.

  • I would have had her suitcase packed and on the porch with a see ya note and plugged the locks and disconnect the door bell. Accountability for choices made.

  • You need to let her know that you are OK with her playing around as long as she is open about it with you.

  • When I was in college I attended these "wives night out" type parties. It seemed only older married women took a shine to me at the time so I went along happily. It wasn't until I ran into one of these families at a grocery store and wondered if their kid was actually mine, that I began to feel guilty

  • Even if you got a photo/video of what you saw, what are you going to do with it? You saw what you saw and it was real. Unless you want to use it as ammunition in divorce proceedings?

    How did she look you in the face in the morning and lie through her teeth? Because all women better than men at lying. Just saying

  • There are a lot of red flags here. Never let your wife attend a late-night party at a friend's house under the guise of a "girls' night out." That is a night in, not a night out. If they were going to a restaurant or something it would be okay, but not house parties. You also made a major mistake by not setting a curfew. Wives should be home by 10PM at the latest, maybe even earlier depending on how morally sneaky she is.

    I hope you learned your lesson and can keep her on a leash that is at least as short as the one on which you keep your dog.

  • Git’er boy!

  • Sounds like crap to me.. he said they were about to make love - ya right. If this was true, it would be f******, nothing more. Sounds like some 16 yr old with an over reactive imagination to me. Just sayin.

  • I hope you get the evidence. I can't believe all the wives would band together to do parties like that. That's so messed up

  • How did you keep so cool. I would have went crazy or f***** her brains out when she got back. I don't which.

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