How Many

How many men has your wife cheated on you with ?
Mine has been with 8 men over the years, a couple cops, a college kid, an ex lover,some co workers and one black guy.
She thinks i don't anything about any of this. She is careless when it comes to clues or maybe she doesn't care. i think its a little bit of both.
She is very attractive so they all come to her all the time , she just picks the one she wants .

Mar 31, 2020

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  • I'm not sure about my wife's total, as she refuses to admit that she's cheated. But a friend of ours told me that she witnessed my wife s******* two guys at a party. I asked my wife about it, and she denies it. I'm guessing she's done more than she admits.

  • You do your thing. F*** her hard. Pound her p**** and then go looking for some more!!! Then, you are even. Loyalty has no meaning anymore. If they have a c***, they will f*** around. Period. You do the same and have fun. And, don't forget to keep her happy. Eat her out often. She will like it!!

  • My wife came back from her official tour and she had to mail some documents or something I am not sure, her laptop was on and her email was open when I entered her Room which she use for home office purpose. I had just made a coffee ( I am jobless and retired to home making) and was bringing the coffee tray to her room and saw she just entering the bathroom and closing the door. So as I turned to keep the coffee on her table, I saw her laptop on and an email just popped up. It simply stated 'Hi honey Gd Morning. See the attachment. Our memoir of last night. Enjoy. Have a good day'. Curiosity gave way and I opened the attachment which was a video of her lying naked with her boss and she was earnestly requesting not to take video. Though I knew there may have some thing like that going on, this was the hard proof. Without wasting time I got it copied to my phone and made the message unread. Though there was no action of sexual thing in the video, both were naked lying on bed resting after s**. Still viewing that video and seeing the number of hits I masturbates when my wife is at office. At times whenever I get a chance I would scan her laptops and even belongings to get hold of any such evidence but have not been successful so far.

  • My wife has been with over 20 guys since we got married 12 years ago. I noticed c** stains in her panties that she just left laying on bathroom floor. Also when she came home from being "out with the girls" I noticed her breath smelled of c** and when I went to lick her p**** I could see c** oozing from it. I licked her anyway.
    Today we are very open about her dating. She has been with at least 7 Black guys and has been with friends of mine and guys she has worked with.

  • Its great she lets you eat her used p****. Can you convince her to let you watch.

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