It was natural

It started 2 years ago at my hospital,my 15yo nephew was in the hospital where i work,I would sit with him on my lunch breaks and noticed his d*** would twitch,he apologized saying he hasn't had a w*** in days this would happen the next few days,the last time it happened i got up and closed the curtain and put a pair of latex gloves on,told him it's a one off and put my hand under the sheet and jerked him off,ended up doing that for the next 2 weeks,that was 2 years ago and we are still getting it on.



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  • So has he sucked your d*** yet?

  • He's moved in everyone thinks he got the spare room.

  • God, you are an incredibly sexy beast!! And you"re surely one of the best aunties EVER!!! is the relationship still just handies, or have you expanded the horizons?? Please tell us more!!!

  • You a woman?

  • Love to w*** and suck him too

  • I was 14 and in the hospital for surgery and was played with quite successfully by a black male nurse who was my night nurse. He'd play with my ass and then finish me off with a hand job or sucking. After being released I had a two year affair with him and his man lover.

  • Why gloves??

  • I was in hospital and paralysed. H**** as h***. The nurse gave my wife some gloves and lube and said give him some relief

  • Masturbation should be resisted. Men should show some strength.

  • Masturbation should be encouraged. It rewards the body and the brain. It lowers stress levels and blood pressure. When that happened it slows the heart rate. It helps fight depression especially now

  • Masturbation should be encouraged especially now. It rewards the body and brain. Lowers stress levels reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It helps with depression.

  • Very true

  • Especially if it is someone else's hand

  • Or mouth

  • Even nicer

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