I will love him forever

I moved to be with him. i failed to be sincere with him. i don't know if he ever knew i came there for him, but i did. i love him, so utterly, so completely, unreservedly. i don't know if he can feel the same. he told me once that he couldn't feel for anyone. but he also told me if i came, if i moved back, we would spend all kinds of time together. i moved, and never saw him that whole time. he only seemed interested in seeing me once he knew i was leaving again. the day before i left, he called me out on my relentless sarcasm and how he'd tried, onc to be sincere with me, and it failed. after that, he was only ever sarcastic in return. i told him, before i left, that it was always him. i've loved him since i met him three years ago. i'll continue loving him for as long as i can foresee. i will never know if he feels anything for me and if he does, what exactly it is. a heart can hardly be so broken as mine.

May 29, 2012

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