Picked the wrong brother

I'm 23 and married to a p*** head bully,in the last year my husband has changed so much,my brother in law has had to stop him when he's drunk from hitting me,I enjoy it when he comes round he makes me feel wanted,3 months ago when he came around all i wanted was him to give me what ive been missing, when he was leaving he kissed me but this time he put his hand on my bum and kept it there and that was it,he f***** on the stairs then twice in my bed,we even wait for my husband to pass out then f*** on the sofa,I want to leave him but that will ruin his family.


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  • Sooo hot.

    You f***** your brother in law in your marriage bed.

    That is soo hot.

  • If your husband is hitting you get him arrested and leave him. No one has the right to hit you. If you think his drinking is bad now, wait a few years it will get worse and so will the beatings. As for your brother in-law wait till you are divorced and if you to still have love go for it. Don't worry about his family worry about your self and well being.

  • You can have a baby with the brother and the baby will look like the husband enough he won't notice.

  • I love this idea. I say go for it.

  • Dung beetles.

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