These Chinese Asian scrum that are cruel to animals deserve to die! Trouble is, the bastards have caused this virus to infect civilised people across the world. I hope these vile pathetic scrum die themselves. I hope they have a massive earthquake and it kills the lot of them!!

Apr 4, 2020

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  • You americans keep trusting them. its your fault

  • Totally agree. Anyone who treats animals like the Chinese do deserve to die a vile painfully death. Let's nuke the Chinese bastards and did the the world of these evil virus spreading scum!

  • Indeed. God's wrath on these untermensch is long overdue. All we can do is pray hard and hope it comes to these yellow bastards soon enough.

  • Praise God

  • If there was a God, what is the useless piece of sh*t doing! Nothing. Absolutely nothing!! So p*as off with you God crap!

  • You white get what you deserve, treating all the black people like crap

  • There isn't a f in god. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Really, God cant help you now. the Asians are taking over

  • Don't worry they will be off this Earth. No more Asians to look at.

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