Sibling Consanguinamory

I'm a 45 year old mom now but when our parents were in a commercial airline crash in 2001 my older brother and I had no one. I moved home to live free and so did he. We were basket cases for close to 6 months! We were drinking vodka straight up one evening and as is said: "One thing led to another." Over about 3 hours we dared each other to undress and show what we were always curious about. From somehow giving him a b******* to eventually having full on sexual intercourse, I felt completely comfortable and enjoyed everything. The next day we just said, "What the h***. It was something to do" and it was our secret. Over almost 7 months we did it 19 times (always rationalizing it with vodka) and then we just stopped. When we started seeing a shrink for the loss of our parents we both opened up to him. We talked it out and neither of us has a hang up about it. We're both married with kids but have never had the desire to do it again. Do not do it! One of you will not have the mental and emotional strength to just see it for what it was (two people f-cking) and someone WILL get hurt and ruin a beautiful sibling relationship!

Apr 6, 2020

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  • Oh well; that's what I get for sharing something so personal to explain how and why this can happen. It ended 18 years ago and not a single negative issue has come from it. It did not involve emotion as much as physical fun after too much alcohol. Just something that happened with stress.

  • Nothing negative came from this because there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Do you believe that putting a big, fake, made up name on your perverted fantasies makes them stop being a sickness? It doesn't.

  • This is not perverted nor is it a sickness. Whats wrong with you??

  • #verysickfuck

  • Whats so sick about sibling s**??

  • It's unnatural, it's risky, and it's wrong! Stop it now!!

  • I completely disagree and the risk is very low. Anyway, what does it matter if you are using birth control? It may not be everybody's preference but its not wrong. Many siblings experiment with each other, anything from mutual masturbation to intercourse.

  • Hi, really sorry for the loss of your parents. It sounds like you and your brother have been on a emotional rollercoaster and it was only natural for you and your brother to seek comfort in each other, which I don't think was a bad thing. When a brother and sister fall in love it is sometimes referred to as double love because the emotions are very strong between you. It's good that you two have moved on with your life and I hope you are happy. But when you say don't do it are you referring to s** or being a couple? Because I can tell when you said "
    One of you will not have the mental and emotional strength to just see it for what it was (two people f-cking) and someone WILL get hurt and ruin a beautiful sibling relationship!", I would imagine that's what your therapist said and not you. I had what I would call a casual sexual relationship with my sister and neither of us regret it at all nor are we damaged by it in anyway. But I suppose it depends on the brother and sister concerned, would you agree? I'd be interested to here from you!

  • Sorry for such a delay, but thank you for your compassion and understanding.

  • You are very welcome 👍🏻

  • Your honesty is refreshing. Your actions were understandable. Your advice is good.

  • Thank you for your understanding and respect.

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