My Girlfriend

Last week my girlfriend came home from work smelling of vodka, I asked her politely where she had been and why she smelt of vodka, she starting going off the handle, shouting and cursing at me. At which point, I calmly took a deep breath in, and, preceded to c**t punch the lippy b**** and made her feel the full force of my back hand. She then apologized and admitted that she had been out drinking with a friend.

She told me that I scared her and that she might leave me. I don't feel bad about what I did, she deserved it. I just don't want to loose my girl.

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  • If any b/f ever did that thank God never had to deal with abuse but if a guy did that to me I would cut his p**** off and put it in his mouth and watch him bleed to death !

  • She must be a dumb b**** she is with you

  • I need a man like you.
    Sooo many men are wimps.
    I believe if a woman makes a man mad, he should hit her.
    Nothing sexual. But idk. I only date abusive men.
    So kudos to you for being a REAL man.

  • Woman like you need to be shot your a dumb f****** c*** ! I am against hitting a woman but beat this one please !! and yes I am a woman

  • Your a piece of s***. & all of you men agreeing with him are too. Women are your equal, I think that history well proves that. No man, should ever hit a woman. Was she causing any harm to you? No.
    You said you were worried about losing your girl, You deserve to lose her. Your a SICK b****** hiding behind your violence.

  • If a woman is talking s*** you grab her pin her and f*** her. while f****** make her say im sorry your the boss. then finish and tell her to make you a sandwitch. some girls need to be reminded shes the woman and your the powerful man who is nice enough not to hit her when she speaks to you with no respect. punish her with your d*** not your fist. p.s. remember to f*** hard make her sore in the morning.

  • I hope she doesn't leave you, at least until after she puts on her high heels and stomps your d*** until you are p****** sperm and blood for the next month.

  • ggeeeee, people can be so stupid

  • i woundnt have punched her if i where u but yea she was acting like a b****.

  • Man, I agree. My sister is amazing. If some limp d*** piece of s***... No... your lower than s***. Your a limp d*** piece of dirt. If a a****** like you ever had a bad adittude like that towards her... I dont need to go into details. Just be glad it isnt you.

  • You're a weak loser. She was probably out drinking with her friend, talking about whether she should ditch your ass.
    Now you basically sealed the deal.
    You don't win over women by punching them in the face, clown.
    What are you thinking.
    She would be very smart to leave and never come back. No one needs physical abuse.
    Do you? What would you do if your boss did that to you, would you do nothing and stick around, like you expect your girlfriend to do?
    Thought for the day: if that was my sister, I'd adjust your attitude real quick.

  • I love when women complain about being treated equaly. They don't understand that if some other guy comes up to us and starts off like that girl did we would probably break their jaw. So when women do it too its the same reaction. She wants to act like a guy she gets treated like a guy. Its that simple. She wants to act like a woman then she gets treated like one.

  • You should have just made her cry by f****** her ass. That's how I punish my woman.

  • Any guy who hits a woman (unless it's legitimate self defense) is a classless a****** who doesn't deserve a woman. You need to play the part of prison p****. Then maybe you'll know what your (hopefully ex-) girlfriend feels like.

  • I totaly agree.

  • if you hit someone smaller or weaker than you you deserve someone bigger than you to give you a proper ass reaming

  • oh my days, i would leave my guy straight away if he ever hit me, im 15 and ive suffered abuse from my father and he always hits me, but having a boyfriend or a partner hit me is just sick and twisted. she can do better

  • He's full of s*** and gay. The truth is she b**** slapped him for wearing her panties.

  • You do realize that a c**nt punch is exactly that....a punch in the c**nt. I doubt you are able to hit a c**nt that hard with the back of your hand, what with the logistics and all...and who the h*** punches with the back of their hand? Last time I checked, a punch is committed with a fist. A backhand is with the back of one's hand. If you are going to make s*** up, at least think it through before you post.

  • I hope she leaves you for the girl she was with.
    P.S- if she's out with her, her girlfriend prolly licks it better than you do- so keep your hand warm, im sure your gonna need it dip s***.

  • What kinda n**** don't smack his hoes? A sucka ass n****!

  • Leave the garden implements out of this.

  • you know after a women gets hit she is most likely going to tell you whatever you want to hear and why the h*** should you keep your girl she's better off with someone that can respect her, why cant she go out and have a few drinks. yeah if you noticed people like to go out and throw back a few with friends its normal.

  • You're a f****** piece of s***. You SHOULD feel bad for doing this. You don't deserve her. Not for a single second more. I had to live with my father beating on me, my sister and my mother for YEARS, and I have NO respect for any man like you. Go f*** yourself.

  • you hit her= you loose her . What kind of f****** world do you think we live in? or what times?

  • Well dont flip out like an a****** & punch your woman and you wont lose are a real p****.

  • Did you also ask for a sandwich? That is how I role?

  • I love role playing. That's how I roll.

  • Ha! What a looser. And also a loser.

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