After a nite of Dancing gave my Wife's Boss a ride Home

We, myself and my Wife usually like to go out on Fridays, were we meet friends, drink converse, dance and have playful fun. We usually dress up, me slacks sweater dress shirt, dress shoes. My Wife, mini skirt, stockings open toe heels and a blouse. I'm 5'10' 210lb, wife is 5'4" 128lb. She never wears panties or bra, unless its formal or similar. So we arrived, meet the usual crowd, had several rounds, and the girls started dancing together as a group, and the men joined as the place and pace became even more lively. About 1hr 1/2 passed, by wife was sitting at the bar with her legs crossed, swinging her leg slowly back and forth when I noticed a Man come up to her, tap her on her shoulder place his left hand on her thigh and gave her a peck on her cheek. At first She was startled, but quickly realized, it was her Boss. I didn't move over to her right away, I wanted to watch her for a few minutes and see what She would do with Her admirer. He pressed himself against her while she was sitting on a high back bar chair rubbing up against her. While they were making small talk sipping on their drinks, I noticed her skirt creeped up, and He was starring at Her P____ leaning into to her while she tried to speak over the noise & music. After 5 minutes She got up, grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. After that dance the DJ played a slow tune, and He pulled my wife into him and wrapped both arms slightly below her waist, and at one point picked her up off the floor by placing one hand behind her neck, the other hand on her butt and she arched her back and neck back and was laughing. I waited about 7-8 minutes and went back by my wife, and She pulled me into her and I placed both my hands on her legs and kissed her and she said honey I'd like you to meet by Boss Robert. We exchanged greetings, and I sat beside her and we had a great evening of dancing drinking and watching my wife flirting. When it came time to leave, Robert was going to take Uber, my wife insisted we give him a ride home, as she practically sat on his lap with her legs over his legs and his hands on her upper thighs holding her to prevent her from sliding. When we got to his home, he invited us in for a nitecap. I remember sitting in a love chair with my wife, she was sitting with her legs crossed, and her lovely butt was in full view and well as her lovely hot V___a, and her blouse was now unbuttoned to around her navel exposing her protruding erect nipples and the shape of her b****** were visible. I must of doused off. The light were dimmed, and neither one was in the room. Robert has a office with some workout devices in there. I heard my wife moaning, and saying Oh Oh Oh and other things.. I didn't go barging in, I quietly peeked in, I saw my wife, laying on a padded workout bench of some sort with her hands behind her head, she was totally naked, her back was arched and her legs were spread wide apart, and Robert was holding her ankles and F-gK her. He was sliding this massive thick C_k about as wide as my cellphone, and about 9-10"long deep into her. She was actually panting moaning loudly. She was straining to watch him slide this massive thick C_k in and out of her cum_d drenched P_sy . Watch my wife was a crazy deep sexual sensation, so erotic, I've never experienced this before, and neither did she, I left them to finish their interlude. About an hour later my wife, now dressed reawakens me, asked if I wanted some coffee, and we all drank some coffee before leaving. When my wife got home, she showered and looked amazing. She was still hot, sexually charged and very h****. She laid on me naked and said she f_d Robert, and she loves his big C_k, I said, I saw you babe. She said are you made at me, I said no I'm not. I asked Her do you like to f_k in certain situations babe, and she said it depends, but yes. And my wife and I f_kd very hard and rough, and She came and collapsed, and fell asleep. I know this sexual encounter wasn't planned, nor does She Robert or anyone on the side. We've talked about her being sexually aroused and if she wants to possibly explore her desires, and if I'm jealous or angry with her. So, we're going to explore together, and I'll share some of our experiences possibly if others like this story

Apr 6, 2020

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  • Wives who do such things whether consensual or not are truly worthless m************

  • Wives who do such things are truly worthless m************

  • I would have gotten my wife home and would have done 2 things-i would have beaten my wife with a baseball bat until she could no longer move then i would have set her on fire then i would have turned myself into the police

  • Your Fu#\\+n insane you belong in an sychiciatric hospital

  • This post sounds like heaven

  • As long as both partners are OK with having s** with others, I don't see a problem. More power to you..

  • Feels like fantasy to me

  • I have seen my wife having s** with other men and find it very erotic and sexually gratifying.

  • Not true . But ok

  • Oh yea its true, Robert actually tried for months to get my wife to leave me and go to Europe . She finally quit

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