I just burned all my Chinese made Guitars

Been playing guitar for 25 years or so, I've done a bunch of session work, had a couple of my own bands, (one you might know pretty well...if your cool)
But the point of this post is...that I just torched 11 of my guitars, all of them made in f****** china.
They're f****** firewood right now, the embers are glowing.
I had 46 guitars now i have 35, I wont play a f****** chinese guitar ever again.
I encourage all guitarists in America and Europe to burn your chinese guitars NOW



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  • I took a hammer to my Chinese guitar! Anything made in China sucks. China is actively trying to help overthrow America in collusion with treasonous Democrats. We should kick all Chinese companies out of America, stop importing their awful products and arrest those who have colluded with China's infiltration of America. If you don't like America leave!

  • ...said the trailer trash who supports an orange fool who is a tool of RUSSIA

  • Now the asians and africans etc are jealous of english culture and royals as well.

  • Yanks are so jealous of england and commonwealth nations and that is a fact. They wanted independence but they want the pomp and bullshit of a royalty and god knows if they had one it would be better then any other countries in the world. I think megs wants to be official or unoffical queen of amercia. make no mistake about it. But she is a battle as there are few players for the show. America will not admit their jealousy to english ways. But its true. They think because a few of their holes married into royalty the world should kiss every yanks a******. They are a disgusting bunch. so rude yanks. They allowed too many foreign nations and blacks and asians and south americans in at the expense of white people there and england did the same.

  • You’re a f****** idiot

  • CHINA should die. And they will die. No more of those people on this Earth.

  • If you burn everything Chinese made you’d have very little left over. No computer, tv, plastic products, etc.

  • True

  • Is there any chinese b**** around without this virus ? G******* her brutally and tell her she deserve this in the name of people dying all around the world...no mercy...world should hear her screams

  • You should kill yourself.

  • No, you should kill yourself you piece of yellow loving trashbag.


  • Oh shut up.


  • Idiot

  • Good idea. I owned a crappy Chinese stratocaster copy, never liked it, and I invited a buddy over to smash it to pieces on a pic of President Xi and the town of Wuhan before we burned it in the fireplace. It made us feel better.

  • Name your bands or STFU, rock star. You sound like your missing a few brain chemicals

  • 11 days and they haven't replied, loooooool

  • Duh, it's clearly Nickelback!

  • Im nico constantine, lady G's got my b**** in her purse

  • Nah. Too classy.

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