I just burned all my Chinese made Guitars

Been playing guitar for 25 years or so, I've done a bunch of session work, had a couple of my own bands, (one you might know pretty well...if your cool)
But the point of this post is...that I just torched 11 of my guitars, all of them made in f****** china.
They're f****** firewood right now, the embers are glowing.
I had 46 guitars now i have 35, I wont play a f****** chinese guitar ever again.
I encourage all guitarists in America and Europe to burn your chinese guitars NOW



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  • CHINA should die. And they will die. No more of those people on this Earth.

  • If you burn everything Chinese made you’d have very little left over. No computer, tv, plastic products, etc.

  • True

  • Is there any chinese b**** around without this virus ? G******* her brutally and tell her she deserve this in the name of people dying all around the world...no mercy...world should hear her screams

  • You should kill yourself.

  • No, you should kill yourself you piece of yellow loving trashbag.


  • Oh shut up.


  • Idiot

  • Good idea. I owned a crappy Chinese stratocaster copy, never liked it, and I invited a buddy over to smash it to pieces on a pic of President Xi and the town of Wuhan before we burned it in the fireplace. It made us feel better.

  • Name your bands or STFU, rock star. You sound like your missing a few brain chemicals

  • 11 days and they haven't replied, loooooool

  • Duh, it's clearly Nickelback!

  • Im nico constantine, lady G's got my b**** in her purse

  • Nah. Too classy.

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