I was sexually assaulted in front of my husband

My husband and I bumped into my former fiancé while shopping. I was wearing compression leggings.
Being polite, I was open to giving him a hug. During the hug he took it upon himself to give my ass a firm squeeze and pop.
I didn't want to make a scene so I playfully told him to stop. He gave my husband a fist pump and said, "You're a lucky man. She has a sexy tight ass!"
My ex used to do and say that when we were together but we're not together anymore.
I was embarrassed and p***** at both for acting like frat boys.
Later, I expressed my emotions to my husband about how that made me feel. My husband joked it off and told me to lighten up a little. He even said, 'I don't know what the big deal is. You used to have s** with the guy, you two were engaged and you lived with him for 4 years'
I'm thinking of pursuing sexual assault charges.

Jan 16

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  • I would have used my 2003 Honda CRV key to knock that rapist teeth out of his skull one at a time! (I keep those keys because they really work in a pinch as brass knuckles)

  • You are lucky. I was raped in front of my husband. We attended an out of state wedding. The wedding spot was some remote country inn destination spot. We responded late and all the rooms there were full. Closest thing was a cheap roach motel about 15 minutes away. Well too much drinking at the reception. We got pulled over within sight of the motel. Two county deputy types. 100% DUI and no way out of it. We begged them to let us park the car and walk to the motel. My husband has handcuffed in the police car. The officers whispered back and forth, then instructed me to get in the cruiser. One officer drove our car and we rode in the police cruiser. We started thanking them when they told us to shut up. They told us either I had to "pay the fine" or my husband was going to jail. Crying I agreed and we all went into the room. I cried and begged them not to do this but they made me undress and lay on the bed. My still handcuffed husband was forced to watch as both of them took turns raping me. When they were done they uncuffed him and left.

  • Oh dear God in heaven, I am so sorry you had to go through something this horrifying. I know how traumatic abuse can be, so please pray to God for help, It took me 17 years to deal with the abuse I suffered as a child (from 4th to 8th grade), an I have been single for 16 years.. How is your husband handling it?

    I will pray for you both.

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