My Early Life

I was raised and adopted by two wealthy middle age ladies, one was my aunt and the other was her lover, a transvestite called Sheila. I was a baby boy when they adopted me but they raised me as a girl. Up until I went to school I did not realise I was different, but when I reached eight or nine I started to be bullied by both boys and girls when they found out I was a boy dressed as a girl.
So my aunts took me out of school and I had private tutors.
At eleven I started to have sexual feelings, my ** was growing and becoming sensitive. I liked the sensation and played with myself quite often by rubbing it in my knickers. I have always been very feminine looking and I liked being a girl, I knew nothing else. Then at twelve I had an experience which was to change my life.
I was being taught to play the piano. My tutor was an elderly man, very kind and gentle but also very touchy feely. He was always praising me and when I did well I always got a cuddle.
Now this was in the sixties, a time of hippies, short skirts and freedom. A time of young people's naivety and I was so naïve. Of course I liked wearing short skirts and big frilly blouses and when I sat on the piano stool my knickers would show and Mr Worboys was always looking.
One day I was playing a complicated piece of music when I noticed he was rubbing his crutch and not looking at the piano but at my legs and knickers. I stopped playing and asked what he was doing. He looked sheepishly at me and said "well you will wear those short skirts". I asked what he meant and we got into a long conversation about **.
My next lesson was quite different, Mr Worboys slipped his hand up my skirt and felt my **, it all happened so quickly, his hand went inside my knickers and he started fumbling with me and I got an **. He undid his trousers and exposed his own erect ** and kissed me, I held his ** it felt hot. He rubbed my ** and I rubbed his, it was my first experience of mutual masturbation.
Mr Worboys never asked me to keep it a secret, but I did as I enjoyed the experience.
I went on to have many more, took medication to enhance my ** at eighteen and have lived as a single woman since.
I inherited my aunts ladies boutique and now run it happily now I'm in my late thirties and have three regular lovers (all married and over sixty) who visit regularly.

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