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I read a story here about a wife bringig up old crap in a fight so I thought I would post mine.
For my wife's sisters 19th birthday which is legal drinking age where we live we happened to be out camping, Her sister had been at the local watering hole in the community on the lake where we were, They were texting and then my wife commented that her sister wanted us to come to the bar. I wasn't really into it but whatever, My wife was aready drunk so she wanted to, we got our friend to watch our kids since our campers were side by side and we wandered off to the bar, We went in and had a few drinks with her sister and her sisters friends.
Toward last call as usually happens someone started a fight over a girl and blah, blah, They got kicked out, It just happened that it was one of her sisters guy friends who started it all so all of a sudden her sister was left with no friends at the bar but she didn't want to leave with them so she asked if she could crash at the camper. My wife of course said yes and we all wandered back to the campgraound which was about a 10-15 minute walk which with two drunk girls turned into an eternity. About 27 pee breaks later we were half way to the camper and had to cross a small creek or go a 1/4 mile to the bridge so in my wife's infinite wisdom she decided we should just jump over it which was no problem for me but both of these drunken meat heads in their flip flops fell in and then were p***** off.
The two of them got over it relatively quick but then not even half a mile from the camper her sister stops to squat and falls down a f***** hill, Hits her ribs on something, Gashes her inner thigh open and is just a frickin mess, Crying and bleeding and muddy from the creek, So now I am helping her hobble to the camper and we get inside, I am checking her out for major, life threatening injuries and obvioulsy she was fine, Luckily the kids were in the rear bunk room with the door closed and are all heavy sleepers so I wasn't too worried about them but my wife strips out of her shorts and bathing suit, stumbles into the shower while I make sure her sister is ok and then she gets out and flops into bed.
My wife's sister gets in the shower and then finishes up and opens the door between our room and the bathroom, She pokes her head out and says "Do you have a first aid kit?", I tell het it's under the sink and she closes the door, My wife asks if she is ok and I shrug, She says "Well, Go f***** ask, F*** me", I knock on the door and ask if she is ok, She is whining and b******* and my wife gets up buck naked and opens the door, I can see she is standing in the bathroom naked but can only see one leg, One hip and her arm from where I am. My wife says "What the f*** are you doing, That won't work", She looks at me and says "Will you fukn help her", Her sister whispers "I'm n@ked" and my wife says "You're gonna bleed to death like that" and laughs.
Her sister gets a towel and half ass covers herself and I get up, Walk to the door and say "What do you need", My wife says "Go help her" and then steps aside, I go into the bathroom which is cramped with two of us in there, She has a bunch of bandaids on her trying to stop her thigh from bleeding so I get the hydrogen peroxide and tell her we have to clean the cut blah, Blah so she sits on the toilet and I tell her to hold a towel under the cut, She has her other towel wrapped around her and tries tucking it in between her legs as she spreads them so I can clean the cut but when she spreads them I am on my knees in front of her and her towel is not covering things at all.
My wife had wandered back to the bed and laid down and as I pour the peroxide on the cut her sister is being a big baby about it but not paying attention to me so I have a full unobstructed view of her pu$$y now while she covers her face and whines, She's b******* about all the other spots that hurst so I say "Ok, Let's get this dealt with and then I'll have a look before you go to sleep", I get her cut all cleaned up and get a proper bandage out, I tell her to stand so I can wrap it so she does, I tell her to face the sink and lift her towel, She says "Ok but close your eyes", I laugh and say "Yeah whatever" She does and then I get her to spread her legs, I am no my knees and can see her full pu$$y from behind looking up between her legs as I wrap her cut, I have one had between her legs and am wrapping her thigh lettig the back of my hand rub back and forth on her pu$$y as I wrap it and I am pretty sure I felt her get wet.
After I get her all bandaged up and spend probably 2 minutes looking at he a$$ and pu$$y I stand up, She lowers the towel and I ask what else she wants me to check out, I put a few band aids on and cleaned a couple cuts and then she says "I hurts to breath". I ask her what she means and she tells me her ribs hurt so I ask if she wants me to check it out and she nods her head yes so she turns around and wraps the towel around her waist and then covers her b**** which are substantial and she has no kids so they look amazing but she turns to face me and has a couple bruises forming so I start pressing around and she is wincing and then says "No, It's right up under" and lifts her b00b, I say "Ok, I need to...Check it", She takes a breath, Winces and then puts her head down and then puts her arms down, I stand behind her with her facing the mirror and she's looking down at the sink, I look in the mirror and she has really nice t!ts, Big, round, firm and not all shrunk and sagged out from 3 kids but I put my hands on her ribs and say "You ok?", She clears her throat and says "well, I guess after tonight we are going to be a lot closer".
I start lightly pressing and feeling around her ribs and then I ask if she's good, She shrugs and says "yeah", I slide one hand up, Cup her b00b and I have big hands and they are way more than a handful, She takes a nervous deep breath and I feel around under it then let it down and do the same on the other side, She winces and I pull my hand back and look at it and it had a little bit of blood on it, I say "Oh, You're bleeding and she looks down, Puts her hand on mine and lifts her b00b and says "Oh, That's why it hurts", I sit on the toilet and she stands in front of me holding her b*** up while I get her patched up and then I tell her to go to the couch and I'll get her something to wear, I go to the dresser and grab a pair of shorts and there is a white tank top I knew would be tight on her and a black t-shirt, I grab the tank top and turn around, My wife opens her eyes and glares at me, I look at her and she just shake her head and rolls over. I go to the living room and she is sitting on the couch with her towel open and laying on the couch, legs spread looking at her thigh, She covers up and I kneel in front of her, Pull the shorts over her legs and she lifts her hips, I pull them over her butt and am staring straight at her bald littl p**** and then I help her struggle into her tank top and actually got to cop a couple more feels.
I got her some blankets and got her all tucked in and went to bed, My wife was passed out and drunk so I start messing with her a bit and she gets h0rny, I slid it in and she lets me f*** her quick and then we pass out, Next morning I can tell my wife is fuming mad, as we sit and have breakfast and then probably sit around for another hour before her sister changed into something not completely see through. While changing she calls me and asks if the bandage on her thigh should have that much blood on it so I ask if she wants me to check it, She says "Maybe", I could feel my wife's death stare as I go into the bedroom and close the door, She is standing there with her hand over her vag and I tell her I should probably change it, I peel the old one off, Rewrap it and she moved her hand aside letting me see her whole p**** again but from the front this time, Later I drive her sister home and on the ride she says "So...Uh...Last night was...Awkward", I tell her not to worry about it and she says "Well....I never planned on my brother in law seeing me n@ked or touching my b**** and vag", I didn't think she noticed when I let my hands brush against her vag both times but apparently she did, She said "Can we just...Pretend all of this never happened?", I say "Yeah, Prefferably" and she says "Ok, Good".
My wif didn't say much to me most of that day until bed time and I was trying to get some and then she let it all out, She was like "Yeah, I watched that whole f***** up thing last night, Seriously??? You think I didn't see you looking up between my sisters legs or unnecessarily feeling her t!ts?", I just sort of "Uuuhhh, Uuuhhh" and she says "Yeah, The whole hand between her legs?, I don't even want to know, You got your rocks off right after last night so you can forget anything else", She rolled over and I thought it was over but then she rolled back over and said "Did you pull the same s*** this morning?", I said "What s***?", She said "Oh f***, You think I couldn't tell you were touching her last night...Between her legs...Like fuuuuck, Come on".
So the rest of the camping trip was super fun (Sarcasm) and then she kind of seemed to get over it but every time we are around her sister in a bikini or anything or if we are fighting she says "Oh, Why don't you call my sister and see if she will let you feel her up again" even after 15 years she still brings it up LOL.

Jan 28

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