I'm a woman

I hate women. Don't judge me. I will never be friends, work for or with. I'm straight and honest. So don't talk to me. I will get angry

Apr 20, 2020

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  • Did Al Bundy write this?

  • There is no such thing as sisterhood or women and women looking out for one another. Some women are 'wack jobs' with hidden agendas and are totally incompetent on how to love. Some women are snakes in the grass and have no moral conscience.

  • No one cares if you hate women and no cares if you get angry

  • Well, you cant please everyone

  • I'm so glad I married a wonderful man. No drama in my life. Thank God

  • Another woman was never a problem for you in real it is you only who is unable to adjust with rest of the world...you need a professional advice so rather than p****** on others why don’t you try to help yourself

  • Girl shut up. I hate you as a woman. Wait! Are you a man. A man would never tell me that. I'm happy with myself. You are angry because men are winning and I support them. I will never support women.

  • Show us evidence that that comment was written by a woman, idiot. You're a c*** and you're getting feedback you're a c***, so suck it up!!

  • Ha Ha Ha my mom was right. Women are not to be trusted.

  • She is right my child. Your mom is telling the truth. Never trust women

  • So she hate women. Big Deal. You b****** fight over stupid s***.

    Too much drama
    I love being alone and happy
    NO FEMALE FRIENDS, don't need none

  • You tell them girl. Don't stick women. They want every woman gsy. Not me, I like love D*** and his name is moby

  • Said the OP itself...Loser

  • B**** you are a loser. You a woman of maybe not. Mind your business. You women ain't s***.

  • You've got some real mental issues, OP.

  • I was this ugly coming out her apartment dripping set from a shower. I mean she had no shoes or proper attire on. I had to judge her because women are nasty like that. S**** this metoo propaganda. Now let me say something about this young woman in her opinion. She has a right to how she feels about you baba splits. Everyone hates women. That's natural. Get over it. I hate women all the time and I don't deal with them. Frankly I don't have time for you. You have have too much drama in your lives. I work go to school. I have a wonderful and I love dearly. I don't need women friends. I'm a man's woman. I'm all about the man. I support men 100 percent. So to the lady that threaten the woman bodily harm to private parts. You shouldn't be living. I know lesbians went to jail doing things like a man do to a wonan. You single women with no men in your like, you should try the straight life. It's beautiful. No drama No Bill crap. Females leave women alone. We are not into that dirty lifestyle. WE LOVE MEN!!

  • What did you see exactly, it better be a woman. I know damn well a man wouldn't do that. Was she shape beautiful. Because a beautiful woman like myself, I hate ugly women. I will not talk to a ugly woman. All my friends are pretty but I look better than them. That's the way it should be. I'm a stuck up conceited woman with class. I wear dresses and high heels everyday. I carry myself well. So is this stupid thing about hating women. Well as for me. I love myself only. Do I hate women??? Or course I do. Who dont. It you respect me or you will be dealt with. I don't play with no woman and no dumb woman better not play with me. You dig. Ok, let's get something strsight. I am STRAIGHT, strictly dickly. This woman can hate on any woman. She's real and keep it 100. I like her. Would I be her friend. No. The reason, she cant be trusted. Well don't trust humans, its in The Bible. She's a lone wolf. She prefers that. No problems. I respect her honesty. You women can't hate women every time she has an opinion. She is her own woman. She is not obligated to no. So she hate women. I hate eomen. But you better respect me. Keep your head up sis. Don't let these chicks change you. Hate a womsn. But love a man. You are on this earth for a man only. I'm out. Peace. One Love. Love God

  • I hope couple of lesbos attack you and teach you a lesson

  • I hope you get attacked by a bunch of men to teach not to have s** with women. You dirty whatever you are. That's why she hates women. You foolish want to be a man type always pushing against another woman. You don't see no man doing that. Men respect women bodies. And you women like abuse women and children. Grow up and get a life. You are not special. I'm so glad I got a man. No drama!!

  • I would abuse your friendship and sniff your dirty panties

  • Boy, you are one nasty man, talk dirty to me baby

  • Wicked little man. Just dream about my panties

  • Not a fan to go the friend zone!!! YUK!!

  • What's wrong with women being friends with other women. Why can't women get along with other women. I hate this anger amongst women. We need to stick together

  • Wrong that will never happen

  • I'm not trying to make you angry. You are woman that have rights. And you entitle to your opinion. I'm a female right. I don't really care to be. And I don't care to be a man either. Women will never respect you because you a woman. A man can only do that. Women has been doing bodily harm to other women ever since the beginning of time. And it will never stop as long a man is on this earth. Do not believe this metoo propaganda. Women are trying to destroy every man on earth. And we need a man. You can hate women all you want. Tell me this, is it white women. I know white women are the devil. Even the white man can tell you this. They think they are superior and they are not. I hope your well and happy with God. Thats the only man you should please. Not no woman. Be blessed my sista. Remember, God loves you. No human will not love you. Be safe love

  • Wow I'm a man. I love this divide and conquer thing with women. Keep up the good work.

  • I bet you do

  • Women are indeed pretty bad about it, but I'd say all humans have a lock on the concept.

  • She can hate a woman. That's her God given right. You women are no different. At least she lets the world knows her truth. Some of you harlots hate in silent. But you silly dogs will not punish a man for calling you all kinds of names in the book. Eve in the bible is reason for this crap you women do to other women. You women been abusing women for years. So shut up and out a duck your mouths and take care of your little dogs you have birth to.

  • You meant to say put a d*** in mouth. I'm not going to disrespect you. These idiots will. But I agree with you. I'm so glad I'm married to a man. I don't need that drama. Be safe baby girl.

  • Congratulations, you're a woman who hates women and has a talent for writing in incomplete sentences. What do you want, a cookie?

  • Your v***** is dirty

  • That's cute, assuming I have one. What a loser!!

  • Then clean it. And your v***** is not cute. I seen those wrinkle things. Man, I tell you. You need to get that fix. Men like them you and pretty. It sucks to be old. You still mad about that woman hating on your gender. Get over it. You women can't keep friends. You have too much mouth and too much drama

  • It's so cute when the willfully stupid make mouth noises, thinking they're saying anything intelligent. Have a grownup teach you a little basic reading comprehension. Or go get yourself killed. Either way works

  • You go first and tell me how Satan is doing

  • It is true, the v#gina do smell. I'm a doctor, I lost count on how many women come in my office smelling like fish. I'm thinking quitting this job. With this CORONA thing going on. I don't trust women.

  • I agree, I had to kick a woman out of my car. She had s** with her dog friend and her bl##dy mess was on. I just couldn't let her ride my car. I don't hang around with that bl##dy mess.


  • That's funny. How do you her are stank??? I would like to know. I'm not curious at all. I'm straight

  • You are not straight, you are not a woman, and you are not capable of writing in proper English. "How do you her are stank"...? Did you have a stroke or something? Moron.

  • All you have to do is go to the bathroom sometimes ok.

  • YUK!!! Who use public bathrooms. I seen the women's bathroom. OMG!! What a waste. Women are nasty. Those b***** tampons be all over the floor and the tissues. Women use tissue. YUK!! Again. Men, examine your women, they need professional help.

  • Men need to examine their women?.... That's ironic

  • The bathroom is nasty!!!

  • I don't think so. What the bathroom has to do with hating women.

  • White women need to clean that rotten fish

  • It smell like rotten fish??? I thought it was something else. Can't name it.

  • ^ (Commenter has never been near a white woman and is very sad about this)

  • White woman???. Why would you say that. And is it sad. I think you are sad. Get some therapy

  • Fool nobody don't want to be around you white b******. You white women push smell like fish. But you want to say racist s***. The person is not black. How would you know. Blind s***

  • How do YOU know the person you responded to is 1) white and 2) female? Noisy stupid people are so funny!

  • How do you know it's a man. There a lot of men in here acting like a child. But that's there nature.

  • OP's pretty childish and claims to be a woman, but who knows for sure (including "her")

  • You get angry? You hate? You're like every woman on the planet. Every race. Every nationality. Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along......

  • That's right, you move along to the next phase in life. You old bat

  • It seems you hate women also. Let it out. Don't hold it in. Heart issues.

  • You white women started this women hating women. Divide and conquer

  • White women started divide and conquer?????. I thought men did that for us.

  • "You white women" = not "divide and conquer"-y at ALL.
    Close your mouth and look in a mirror.

  • White women always divide s***. Even the man say all the time. Dog out other women in your s***. There races don't want to deal with your white vaginas

  • ^ Special kind of stupid right here ^

  • What is it that you hate?

  • What do you think???

  • You

  • Well, that's okay then. As long as your hatred is based in knowledge and reality. *rolleyes*

  • What!!! Girl by. Reality, are you real. The reality is you are not a woman. Show us proof.

  • Proof is in the pudding. Bill Cosby

  • Women hate women. You are not a man. A real woman would never ditch a man for a woman

  • LOL!!

  • No dear you are a mental case

  • Your mom is a mental case. You hate women too. A!l women hate women. Don't trip. Be real

  • Women should not be friends with women.

  • I'd still be in medicine if it weren't for women, and I am one too. So I agree with what I *think* OP is trying to say.

  • Girl shut up. You and your life don't matter

  • LOL!! Oh no, some faceless virginal panty sniffer was mean to me, guess I'll go cry now. Aren't you gonna say something dumb about my mom?

  • D***!!!!

  • Your mom is a b****

  • OP is so gullible. And he's mad because he has a tampon stuck in his urethra

  • Stupid people are so easy to control. LOL

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