Imgur Is Mentally Ill?

Look, I'm against making fun of mental disorder or mental illness, but I can't help but thinking there's something wrong with those people working at Imgur.

I mean how do you think a normal guy would do if he has a problem? He'll fix it, right? I mean if you're normal and you see a problem here, you'd think "Hey who made this? God, what a mess. Need to fix this fast, hopefully before anybody's seeing this."

Now that's what a normal guy would always do with a problem.

But Imgur? You have a problem, you report it to them and then what? Nothing. They don't care, they don't give a **. You'd think "Okay, maybe they're busy and all." But then you'll see they're posting memes on Twitter once or twice every few minutes.

I mean we have a serious problem here. A lot of people can't login, having this "Your login information was incorrect" and captcha ** popping out every single time you're trying to login. Unlike people at Imgur, you don't suffer from dementia, you're not absent minded, you're not narcissist, you're not abnormal. You remember every single letters, numbers, whatever in your email and password. Yet you're always being stonewalled by that "Your login information was incorrect" as if you always made a mistake, a typo or wrong password or something like that.

And what will you do? Reporting it to Imgur, of course. Except that the people you're reporting the problem to are not normal.

I mean you have a problem, a serious problem, everybody's telling you're having a problem and now they're having a problem too because you don't fix your problem and now your problem becomes theirs. And you don't give a ** about it. Instead of answering people asking for help because your lame website is having a serious login problem and fixing your own problem, you're blocking and ignoring those people, calling them disrespectful towards you because you're a ** narcissist who considers everything that's not a praise as mean and hurtful and like a true autist, you're ignoring the problem too, keep telling yourself that there's nothing wrong here, everything's fine.

And why bother fixing your own problems? You're a ** narcissist after all. You need praises, not critics. So when people reporting about your problems in Downdetector, just call Ookla and have them erase the comments everytime someone posts something there. Easy, right? Who needs mental therapy when you can spend the rest of your life living as a mentally ill person happily ever after. It's not like you're gonna die because you're mentally ill. Just censor or remove those comments reporting the problems like the login one and call it a day. Like a guy with a severe mental illness, you're so delusional you think ignoring the problems will make them go away. Or maybe because your mental health condition is already in its worst condition it makes you posting memes on Twitter instead of fixing your own problem.

I have friends struggling with mental illnesses and going to therapy and they're far more normal than anybody working at Imgur. You know, my friends, even the one with bipolar disorder would immediately trying to do something to fix a problem or a mess, especially if they're the one making the mess (it's accidentally almost all the time).

God, what kind of people working at Imgur actually?
Even the autists can do much better than Imgur.

Sorry for people with mental illness or people whose relative is struggling with a mental illness. Can't help but feel so angry about this problem and how Imgur's poorly handling it. I'm not here to ridicule you. I'm here to say the truth and fact: you are better, much much better than anybody at Imgur.

Dec 16

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  • If you were truly sorry, you wouldn't have brought mental illness into this.

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