Am I paranoid?

I know as I write this, I'm being silly and paranoid.

My husband and my daughter, she is 11 and step daughter to my husband, he said they had to be isolated as they had got a soar throat each, he said because there are two of them and didn't want me to get it, they would spend two weeks in mine and his bedroom completely shut off.

After he went in on Monday morning they were up there for about 3 hours and I could hear my daughter giggling, after about 45 minutes of this I could hear thudding this went on for a few hours, eventually I went upstairs and said is everything OK?
He answered yes there's nothing to worry about they couldn't get comftable. Later that Monday night I could hear moaning and my daughters voice saying oh please oh please over and over, through the night she was even screaming but it seemed well you know.

I asked this morning through text, my husband said she was having a nightmare and there is nothing to to worry about but all day today the same kind of noises over and over, I know I'm being paranoid but I keep thinking the worst thoughts, I just need someone on here to reassure me that there nothing wrong?

Apr 21, 2020

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  • No you aren't paranoid. you're f****** stupid. yes your husband is f****** your daughter in your bed

  • If he isn't i will

  • Its been nearly 2 weeks now and I chose to trust my husband, as I should!
    They are coming out on Wednesday morning, yes there has been a lot of noise, but that is normal when you have nothing else to do! I won't let my paranoid delusions get the better of me!

  • If your going to post something make it real

  • I was 10, when my father and I became sexual. And I LOVED IT. I knew we shouldn't, but I felt so safe and good and loved with Daddy. When we started kissing that first time, I felt flushed and tingling all over my body. Mom I had to know but didn't care, she told me shortly after Daddy and I started to sleep in their bedroom. She slept in the guest room and drank all the time.

    Daddy and I took our time exploring each others body. His c*** is magnificent 9 inches and thick. After 3 months we began oral s** on each other. Before that it was kissing, touching and masturbating each other. The first time I tasted c** was when he came on my hand. I just put it to my tongue and found I like the taste. I sudden put his c*** in my mouth to lick up the rest. I could only get the head in my mouth he is so big.

    We watched a lot of p*** and I was 10 1/2, I want to have s**. At first it was a*** which I really love to this day. I actually prefer having my ass f***** I c** incredibly hard from it.

    On my 11 birthday I lost my virginity. It felt so good c****** that way.

    23 years later Daddy and I are still together. S** with him is non stop and he lasts a long time. We have 3 daughters.

    All girls should let their Daddy be with them.


  • Good girl all daughters should give daddy there tiny, tightpussy

  • Not real

  • I agree with "All girls should let their Daddy be with them" but only when they've reached puberty. Age of consent is an unrealistic law and it should be puberty that decides when someone is ready for s**.

  • Go to hear someone admit that they enjoyed and not call rape, will you let him have access to your daughters slits?

  • Both of you should be in jail.

  • U should have f*** night between the 3 of u

  • 11 is far too young for any sexual activity. You should report him and help your daughter.

  • Paranoia is only the start of your problems.

    Turning a blind eye.

  • Ummmm. Yeah your not being silly and paranoid you are enabling a man you call your husband to rape your daughter if she is only 11 yr.old!!! And that's means your not silly or paranoid in not at all just a accessory to the rape! I was rsped by my stepfather and my mother sat idly by while this happened t me and I will never and won't ever forgive her for that ! So no Matter if u heard her saying oh yes or whatever he could have promised her a new ps4 and she would go along with whatever my point is she is the child and u are the f****** adult...act like and kick the f****** door in that's your child you are f****** up obviously u have issues Laredo don't mess your kid up too.SAVE HER WHAT ARE U WAITING ON.DAMN U WANT ME TO COME DO IT .I WOULD HAVE SHOT HIS ASS ALREADY

  • I feel so sorry for you. It's tough. As a child one is so dependant. My mom made me go with my dad. No one knew. Mom would come to me and hand me a condom and tell me my dad was waiting for me.

  • Forget the condom I want mycum going right in her youngpussy

  • Also did you ever hear a cough ?? probably not

  • You're being paranoid. He's probably just trying to bond with her. Its not easy to be a step parent and if he can strengthen that relationship, great.

  • Yes you and all the other pizza gate b****** say that where you at on Einstein's Kiddy Orgy Island!! No that's not the proper way to bond with s*** like your stepdaughter maybe bond with your wife more like it ..

  • Epstein's correction on spelling sorry so mad at sick people trying to give more pervert advice to some other sick pervert

  • Certainly they are, he is bonding with her cunnie

  • She is in the process of taking him away from you. And he is in the process of knocking her up. ThEYare the couple now . . . . . and YOU are just something in their way.

  • You need a bullet to your brain or at least your mouth !! child is 11 at now here near 11 is that a consenting adults .that child is being raped and u need therapy for telling her that Bullshit

  • At 11 he should kick mum out and just bed her every night

  • They are okay and both were having s** in the name of corona. You know it very well but you dont want to face it

  • Seek professional advice.

  • What can they do in forced isolation. Let them enjoy, as you suspect, and let her turn to be more matured during this period. Be understanding with your hubby!! Meanwhile, you may think of turning to a young stud...

  • Get a life, or go do something

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