I nearly peed on my dad

It’s rare for my dad to spank me, he only does it when I done something bad. But one night i was hanging out with my friends and they convinced me to stay out a few hours later then I should, my curfew is 9 but i lost track of time and ended up staying out at my friend house for 3 more hours. When I got home my dad was in the living room waiting for me, he yelled at me and told me to go to my room and that i’d be grounded for a week and i was gonna be punished tomorrow, He woke me up really early and I needed to pee but he told me it would have to wait and told me he was gonna spank me, he starting spanking me and each hit made me need to pee more and more,,, it made me want to hump something idk- I almost peed on my dad’s lap and and almost didn’t make to the bathroom when he was done... I’m pretty mature for my age but idk if i was h**** because he spanking me, or because i needed to pee rlly badly.

Jul 21, 2020

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  • So do something to get another spanking and see maybe even pee some on him i bet he likes it

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