The party

It was supposed to be just another college party that turned out to be the rung one. Thinking back on it, my girl friend and I must have been crazy to get into that car with three trashy looking girls. College students they said but we had our doubts. Drove off campus grounds with no idea where we were going and turned into a lonely dirt road that ended in a an old beaten down house. Inside there were very few people except for small group of guys and three other girl as trashy as the ones that drove us. "Look the chics we brought you" was our presentation. Those guys were looking at us as fresh meat. No idea where we were began to worry us and realizing we were stuck in a dump and getting back depended on them made even worst. When one of those girls told us to get undressed every thing fell into place. We were about to get raped and running was just not going to work. It was taking off our clothes or have them torn off. I remember one of the girls picking up our clothes as we stood naked in front of everyone. We were both groped, bent over, anally sodomized with a wine bottle and it wasn't going to stop there. We were kept naked for hours with those girls watching them f****** us and shoving their d**** in our mouths. I still remember my b****** covered in sperm, my girl friend screaming along side of me and trashy girls telling them to give us good time. We were taken there for s** and that's what they did for hours and once the fun was over, left by the side of the road along with our messed up clothes and smelling like whores, deciding whether to report it or not. After all rape is common in college an we were college girls. Nothing would have been done but public humiliation, witch most girls do to keep their reputation

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  • This sound me totally fake

  • Yesterday it was you...tommorrow could be your daughter.... report it now

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