Abstain for nothing

Got married young. My wife and I had met in the church. Not masturbating was a huge thing. She was very controlling and looking back used s** to control. I was a true believer though. Natural family planning meant abstaining from s**.

We started by having me abstain for weeks and then months.

For what?

She left me.

I am empty.

Apr 27, 2020

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  • Women use s** manipulatively too often. After 15 years I have finally convinced my wife to do s** therapy.

  • You got played. Next time be a man and write the rules. Woman only respect strong men not Soy boy simps.

  • Agreed.

  • Thanks guys.

    I'm emotionally up and down. Pardon the pun is it. Anger. Feelings of effort wasted. My mind brings up all sorts of conflicting memories. Memories of these intense feelings of dread and worry that I would never be able to c** again. Memories of being proud that I had managed to resist those earthly pressures. But also memories of begging her for s** and her being so logical like, you've managed fine for a month so another month is achievable and then another and another. And now I'm questioning was she just frigid. Was it selfish motivation.

  • At least you have Jesus to comfort them blue b**** of yours. 😂

  • Thanks mate

  • I'm so sorry that happened to you. I don't know you,but my heart still breaks for you. I believe in love, and also in true love, so I will pray that you find it, or that it finds you. Others, more cynical than i, will come here and tell you that there's a lesson about women in what happened to you. But I will tell you that there is only a lesson about THAT woman in your experience. Other women are better than that. Others are, sadly, worse. But you are clearly someone who loves fully, and I hope that evidences your belief in the existence of love, and your belief in the institution of marriage. So, I will avoid the lecture, and the pep talk, neither of is needed by a man like you, and I will simply tell you to do your best to avoid becoming embittered and jaded (although remaining guarded would be fine, and wise), and please remain open to the idea of love. For there is nothing better or sweeter on the planet. And you are certainly deserving. Be well, my friend.

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