My hot sister likes me

I am a 17 year old boy and my sister is a hot, big butt 14 year old. We are really close and we sometime sleep together. But I have had a crush on her since she hit puberty. She has the nicest ass and all the older guys and creeps stare at her, which I actually don’t like. She’s very flirty and likes to just wear a tshirt that goes to her thighs in the house and when we go out. She doesn’t wear underwear often.

A few days ago, we had to go out in the morning to some relatives. We each have to take showers quickly, but there wasn’t much time. I was h**** and needed to j*** off, but my sister insisted we take a shower together. So I agreed and we got in the shower. Her ass looked so amazing and my d*** was erect. I could not believe how a girl this young could be so hot, and she was my sister.

I tried to hide my b****, but my sister saw it as she turned around, knocking the shampoo bottles off the shelves by her butt. She asked me “are you h**** from my butt?” Her p**** was so gorgeous. I told her that I was really h**** because she is so hot and flirty. She giggled and told me I had a nice d***. I then asked her if we could have s**. She said “no.” I then told her I’ll tell on her for not wearing underwear to school. Then, she said “fine, you can have s** with me.”

I stuck my d*** in my hot sister and went to town. Her p**** was so tight and soft. It was the first time I had s**. She moaned and lifted her left leg up. At this point, I was so happy to finally f*** my slutty sister. Her body was soaking wet and her blonde hair fit in perfectly.

I was very close to the o*****. She told me she will flash me, tease me, and have s** with me. I was so happy. I wasn’t even using a condom, and I didn’t care. She was my crush and best friend. No one knew we were in the shower together. It was the best ever. My sister then told me I could c** on her. I pumped her so hard and when I orgasmed, I cummed in her p****. She was a sexy s***. It was the best o***** I ever had. I cummed so much that it that it was dripping out of her p****. I knew I could get her pregnant from c****** in her, and I just did.

Our parents were yelling for us to get in the car, so we got out of the shower and I saw that c** was still dripping from my sister. I said “hey shortie, look what’s running down your leg.” My sister replies “it’s okay haha, I’m not gonna wear any underwear, just this shirt.” The shirt she pointed at only reached just an inch below her butt. She put it on and when she slightly bent over, her p**** dripping of c** was exposed. I told her that she was a good girl. I then put my clothes on and told her I loved her and hugged her. I reached my hand down to between her butt crack and touched her push. It was wet. When I lifted my hand, I had c** on my fingers.
We gathered our laundry and walked into our room and dropped it off. My c** was running down her leg, so I told her about it. My hot sister took her finger and rubbed it off and licked it and winked at me.

We got in the car and had our day.

We have f***** at least 3 times everyday and we love it. I love her and she is my girlfriend. We sleep together and secretly take showers together. Today, while we had s** in the shower doggystyle, I looked at her stomach when she turned around and I noticed was bigger. I told her and she said “I’m pregnant.” I turned her around forcefully and mounted my d*** in her and cummed in her. She moaned.


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  • Player, don't get her pregnant.

  • You americans are nasty,

  • >laff
    >this n***** believes jewish anti-White propaganda

    OP is statistically most likely jewish, followed closely by either of muslim, black, or C****.

  • How do you know for sure they're American? And in case you haven't noticed, this is a site for bored obsessive virgins with weird fantasy lives.

  • This is an international site and I don't agree with your last statement

  • Crock of crap

  • Dreamer

  • Are you white?

  • Are you stupid?
    Have you run out of brain medication?

  • They need a brain before medication to work

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