My Boyfriend Hates My Weight (Part 2)

A long time ago, I posted a story about my boyfriend, how he didn't want to have s** with me because he thought I was too fat, and how he enjoyed pointing out my insecurities because it made him feel better about himself.

I'm currently 5'5 and 140 pounds. I dumped him last week because my weight loss wasn't enough for him. He wants me to be a twig just like him, even though he's anorexic. So now he can't handle the breakup... He's going around telling people (my family and friends) that I slept with his brother and cheated on him.

This is a lie, however, his brother and I are good friends. I thought he might do this. So I got in touch with his brother a day before the breakup. Together we devised a master plan to get back at him if he did p**** out like this. The plan:

1. I'm going to eat looots of spicy fast food.
2. I'm going to wait for him to leave his house. His brother will text me when he does.
3. I'm going to drive to his house and sneak in through the back door.
4. I'm going to f*** his brother 7 ways to Sunday on his bed, in the nastiest way possible.
5. We do a*** last so after its done, I s*** all over my ex's bed and wipe my ass with his pillows.

Yes, we're absolutely serious. He's going to be petty? He's going to do this s*** after 6 years of me putting up with his mental abuse? Fine, it's game on m***********. I hope that c*** gets pink eye.

Apr 27, 2020

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  • I'm 6ft and in pretty good shape, and I would tell you to eat more, f*** the diet and weight loss. Break free, I'll workout for the both of us. I would be f****** you all the time.

    Good on you for doing this!

  • You just haven't found the right guy. I for one think 140 on a 5'5" woman is just beginning to be sexy. I wouldn't mind at all 150 or 160. The man for you is out there. Good luck!

  • You are clearly a sexy beast, and your man is clearly a stupid b****. You need a new man!

  • I hate your weight.

  • I work out every day, im not trying to be fat. cancer and other diseases are not fun

  • I think fat people are ugly

  • We all think stupid people are even uglier =)

  • I will do you and spu nk all over your hot fat body.

  • If he won't do you, I will.

  • He'll come back, begging for more. When he does, it'll be too late: you will be carrying my baby.

  • I like my gf skinny. I starve her. Every day she has to weigh herself and pm me here weight. Sometimes we will go away for the weekend and I can make sure she only has water to drink. Sometimes she feints. I love the anorexic look.

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