Best friend flirts with my dad and I think she kissed him

My parents had me when they were quite young, my dad is in the army, and that often happens. As he has grown older I would say he had matured well and is in good shape, which means there is a joke amongst my so called friends that I have a hot dad.
I get that older men can be attractive, I have found men over twice my age attractive, but when your friends fancy your dad its just awkward. Generally it's a bit of teasing, they know it winds me up, and as the subject of boys/men is a common one for us, they find a way to get back to my dad, much to my annoyance.
I want to point out that I don't fancy my dad, just to be clear. I can see he is attractive, and I might be a bit flirty if he was someone else.
Anyway, I have one friend who goes too far, and when the others tease that I have a fit dad, she says things like 'i'd f*** your dad, he's hot'
When we are all at my house she buzzes round him in a creepy way flirting and making the most of what she has got. (She has the biggest t*** of all of us and seems proud of them), but the thing is she is 16 and he is 38, it's just weird.
Things I think went too far when we had a sleep over, in the morning one of my other friends told me that she had seen her kissing my dad in the kitchen, and that she can't be sure but she thinks my dad was feeling her ass at the time.

What do I do about my so called friend and dad?

Apr 28, 2020

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  • I dont see a problem with it. She has been honest with you and you still let her come over. Your dad is human it would be hard to push a hottie away like your friend. Try talking to your dad ask him if he wants to f*** your friend? I guessing your jealous of her and rather it be you than her but feel bad for thi this way.

  • My friend did actually tried to f*** my Dad. I heard what was going on and he said No. I have someone. She said I bet she not as hot as me. Then I walked in and said, My Dad said no. Get the f*** out b****. He doesn't need a F****** S**** like you. She started to cry from embarrassment and ran out a drive away. I locked the doors and closed the curtains.

    Dad was in the stand in the living room I went to him and we kissed and had s** all night. Just like we have had for the last 5 years.

    No body better f*** with my Man. Daddy known no one can ever love him like me. And no b**** can ever f*** him as good as his little girl can!

    Btw Daddy is 40 and I'm 20.

    I love my Daddy!

  • Tell your mom that your dad is trying to bone your friend and maybe she can slap him into shape. And tell your friend to keep her t*** in her shirt and stop having her p**** drooling for your dad’s d*** and find someone her age.

    People are so f***** up these days, smh.

  • I think you need to tell your friend to back off especially if it upsets you. I know you said you don't fancy your dad but I thought it was interesting when you said that it he wasn't your dad you would flirt with him. Do you think you may be a little jealous of the attention your friend is getting from your dad?

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