Friend's Sister

She's 13
I'm 18
but I find her attractive, I can't help it, I've jerked off to the thought of her several times

Apr 29, 2020

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  • As a 14 year old girl. Spend time with her don't be extremely sexual but be flirty if she's a buddy's sister invite her to hang out when y'all hang out. Make her know you appreciate her. Randomly tell her she is beautiful. Try to hang out at night stop and get drinks at a semi sketchy gas station and hold her hand when y'all walk in. The perfect date would be a drive in movie get snacks and stuff before so the gas station thing then when you're watching the movie wrap your arms around her "in case she's cold" or take a extra hoodie spray you're coloan or rub your body wash on the inside front part where the strings and stuff are, she will wear it forever then tell her just to ask for a new one of yours if she ever wants it. Don't be extremely sexual it will make her feel awful abt her self later mutually build up to it.

  • Sweetheart, you need to wait. It’s not worth getting in trouble for.

    BTW, if you want to learn how to please a woman let me know I’m 48 and I love making boys into MEN.

    We can spend some time together and in a few years when she is old enough you can bust that cherry and rock her world

  • Please tell her how you feel about her. Tell her that she makes you hard and makes you c**! She would want to know that someone truly loves her like you do! Please keep us posted on how things go between the two of you. She sounds like a wonderful girl. You are so lucky.

  • She should be making himcum

  • Yes!!! And making him c** ......... Inside her body!!! She's obviously ready to start breeding.

  • He should have cumin her before now

  • She is ready enjoy!

  • She's dripping for you!

  • She would be dripping after I was done with her

  • Which hole(s) would she be dripping from?

  • All 3 and 2of them long ago

  • It's a no go zone

  • As long as you don't act on your desire, you are doing nothing wrong, j*** off all you want to her!

  • Agreed
    Look but don't touch until she's sixteen.
    Only 3 years to wait.

  • F*** waiting pump the little c*** in the ass now

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