Friend's Sister

She's 13
I'm 18
but I find her attractive, I can't help it, I've jerked off to the thought of her several times

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  • Please tell her how you feel about her. Tell her that she makes you hard and makes you c**! She would want to know that someone truly loves her like you do! Please keep us posted on how things go between the two of you. She sounds like a wonderful girl. You are so lucky.

  • She should be making himcum

  • Yes!!! And making him c** ......... Inside her body!!! She's obviously ready to start breeding.

  • He should have cumin her before now

  • She is ready enjoy!

  • She's dripping for you!

  • She would be dripping after I was done with her

  • Which hole(s) would she be dripping from?

  • All 3 and 2of them long ago

  • It's a no go zone

  • As long as you don't act on your desire, you are doing nothing wrong, j*** off all you want to her!

  • Agreed
    Look but don't touch until she's sixteen.
    Only 3 years to wait.

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