I saw a little boy get hit in the nuts;I thought it was hilarious

Every woman finds it funny when a man gets hit in the b****. Sorry, fellas, it’s just funny to watch a big, tough guy curl up in a little ball, roll around and clutch himself after taking a kick. Its basically become a part of culture, and that’s okay, because it’s okay to laugh at adults in pain. I have to confess though, that yesterday I saw a little boy get nailed in the nuts and I thought it was hilarious. He was a toddler, probably 3ish. His mom’s purse swung around quickly and hit him in his nuts. Kid acted exactly like a grown man. Clutched his nuts, hit the floor, curl up in a ball and bawl his eyes out. Of course on some level I felt bad, but it was still hilarious. Here was a group of women with me all trying not to laugh as this poor little boy squirmed and cried on the floor. So, ultimately, I have a question. It makes sense why we would laugh at grown men getting hit in the b**** and making a fuss. But why is it funny when a TODDLER gets hit in the b****? Am I wrong for laughing, because If so, lots of women were laughing.



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  • If you are a woman wrote this, you need to grow up and act like a woman. How would you feel a man said your v***** is ugly and rotten. You would call your metoo friends and have that man out in jail because you felt violated. Stop acting like a child and be a woman

  • God, these are tiresome. Are you even a woman?

  • No this just some sick guy who keeps posting kick in the b**** posts. He wants to be kicked in the b****. Then he is a lesbian who likes to see men kicked in the b**** too.

  • The kinds of people that creep around here, it doesn't matter what they are.

  • If b**** weren’t made and meant to be kicked, they would not be hanging down between the legs like fruit ready to be smacked from a tree. Kicking them seems as natural as scratching one’s nose.

  • So are a lions so sneak up to on and kick them please.

  • Wow...the empathy scale is negative. I recently saw p*** vids of women getting kicked in the p****...they must have liked it but it was obviously painful...pain s****. But, being a s***** is just f***** up. Go get your p**** kicked and then come back and tell me if you laugh at a little boy.

  • S-a-d-i-s-t if f***** up.

  • I’ve seen a 4 year old take a hit there, and I can’t lie. I was stifling my laughter as he rolled around crying. It’s just funny no matter the age.

  • U need 2 b raped more often

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