I saw a little toddler boy hit in the nuts and found it funny

Every woman finds it funny when a man gets hit in the b****. Sorry, fellas, it’s just funny to watch a big, tough guy curl up in a little ball, roll around and clutch himself after taking a kick. Its basically become a part of culture, and that’s okay, because it’s okay to laugh at adults in pain. I have to confess though, that yesterday I saw a little boy get nailed in the nuts and I thought it was hilarious. He was a toddler, probably 3ish. His mom’s purse swung around quickly and hit him in his nuts. Kid acted exactly like a grown man. Clutched his nuts, hit the floor, curl up in a ball and bawl his eyes out. Of course on some level I felt bad, but it was still hilarious. Here was a group of women with me all trying not to laugh as this poor little boy squirmed and cried on the floor. So, ultimately, I have a question. It makes sense why we would laugh at grown men getting hit in the b**** and making a fuss. But why is it funny when a TODDLER gets hit in the b****? Am I wrong for laughing, because If so, lots of women were laughing. Why is it funny when males get hit there, even young ones?

May 4, 2020

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  • You should hear my stories I have a girl that does this to me for fun lol

  • I don't know if the mother intentionally hit her son's little b****, but regardless, the boy is learning early on about a boy's place in a woman's world. I love how lots of women were laughing at the pain inflicted on this little boy's vulnerable boy parts. I think it will always lie in the back of this kid's head that his boy parts are there for women's amusement.

  • It's this love / hate thing lots of women have with male genitalia. When the John Bobbitt thing happened, I had a secretary who thought it was absolutely hilarious and joked about it for days. Being that she was a very active girl when it came to getting men into her bed, I finally asked her, " What possible good could a dismembered member be to you ? It can't respond, can't stand up, can't squirt, it's completely useless ! Oh, and you're laughing at butchery even if the guy was an @sshole ! " Her expression was ponderous.

  • Sheer projection. Women don't have a love/hate thing with your junk, we're exploiting YOUR obsession with it! If a woman goes after your little thing, she's literally hitting you where you're most vulnerable. OP has issues, but so does every dude whose thoughts and identity revolve around his trouser trout. Can't deal with us taking advantage of that? TFB.

  • It is funny for you because you are an idiot

  • Stfu and get lost you idiot

  • I'd make a video for you or I can even give you my snapchat so you can laugh at me hitting myself in the b**** would you be interested?

  • I'm a guy and I think it's funny go when it happens to other guys. In fact I'm ok if a girl asks if she wanted to kick me in the b**** because she thinks it be funny? Would you like me to make a video of me hitting myself in the b****?

  • Whatever, dude. Get an actual hobby, if you're not too retarded to figure one out.

  • Who ever you are , this is probably a final comment on such BS post bcuz no one is interested in crap. If you are for real I wish you get raped multiple times and should be sold to p*** market. F*** you

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