I think something is wrong with me

Well it started in 6th or 5th grade at the lunch tables. I don't know how to topic came about But 1 of my friends Said "not to look up xvideos". And of course I searched it up. And my poor eyes just saw a s*** ton of p***. That happen a few years ago. I'm in 8th grade moving to 9th grade. And sense that one day of looking up xvideos I've been Masturbating To p***. I've now moved to pornhub. And I can watch p*** M********* to p*** for hours or c** with in a few minutes. I'm only 14 and I can't stop it.

May 7, 2020

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  • Calm down s***, you're a normal h**** teenager, you'll either out grow it or you'll get addicted, but still it's normal soooo calm down.

  • As usual, you are right again, there really IS something wrong wit you. Yes!

  • Get yourself a girl friend. Same thing happened to me at your age. When I got my first girl friend sometimes we had s** Many times during the day, this one time we did it 9 times, I gave her all I got that day!!

  • You really need to stop there are alot of side effects of this...you will be physically and mentally weak due to frequent ejeculation. If you don’t believe me google it. You still have the time...don’t do this..first you need to grow up as a strong man with a healthy body and mind p*** will take it away

  • Don't stop masturbation, but do stop watching p*** to get you off. Imagination is key.

  • It is solid advice kid. Stop it now or eventually it will get the best of you. P*** addiction is real, and can destroy everything you know is right and good. Believe me, I ended up in prison over it.

  • Do you want Advice?And M or f?

  • Both and neither, I'm fluid and you can't define me!!! But you BETTER use the right pronouns!!!!!!

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