** actor boss

I’m jealous and suspicious of my wife’s new boss. She’s a secretary and I swear her boss looks exactly like that ugly ** actor Steve Holmes.
Her boss is Hungarian and my wife constantly talks about how nice he is to her and how much she loves working for him.
She’s gone on business trips with him now several times and every time she comes home she seems withdrawn and spoiling for an argument.
He’s also inappropriate around her but I’m afraid she’ll lose her job if I say anything.
He pays her very well....every time I pick her up and he’s there he makes some sort of sexual joke. Last time he said I needed to keep an eye on her because she gets ** looks from other men all the time. He says she’s a hard-on machine. Then he laughed and so did she!
So ** up I don’t know what to do.

May 11, 2020

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  • Listen, if she acts withdrawn when coming back from business trips with him and even tries making an argument, she is 100% cheating on you and trying to push the guilt on to you. Don't let this continue

  • You need to calm down and have a mature discussion with your wife. Let her know your concerns and need her to be completely open about her relationship with her boss. It may well be that she is attracted to him and even having ** with him on the business trips. This something you will need to accept if you truly love her. If you get this all out in the open and assure her of your love, she will not be so withdrawn when she returns. Instead you will she a more relaxed and ** persons willing to share the details and get you aroused beyond your wildest dreams.

  • The boss sounds very inappropriate but if it doesn’t bother her there is nothing you can do.

    But honestly, I think she is working for her ** I mean his bonus (if you know what I mean).

  • Obviously you didn’t signed up to be an observer but Assumptions can lead to a great mess. You should hire a spy...get a proof and then confront

  • Her boss sounds pretty inappropriate. I bet he's had her and I would guess maybe they had her on the spit roast in the office at one point.

  • If she free with him then his friend are ** her to

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