I like to pee myself

I like to pee myself idk if that's normal but it's just feels really good and warm. Is this weird?

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  • So, I f***** up I pee on my face yeah warm hot get me h**** !

  • Gena you are supposed to be a girl! how do girls pee on their faces dude.

  • You haven't figured out that thing is an entire order of fries short of a Happy Meal? Get your IQ checked

  • I pee in a potty then put my face in my warm pee and lick it all up like a cat.

  • Love drinking my step daughters

  • Yes, it IS weird . . . if you're over the age of five.

  • I got a diaper on its warm wet and smelly. I get excited when I see till it leaks out down my pants and into my shoes.

  • I like to f*** my wife when she has a full bladder. She hates it but is submissive so she goes with it.

  • Then I would make her pee all over me and do the same to her.

  • I love to do it. I love to sit outside in a patio chair in my tight sexy jeans with my afternoon cocktail and when it comes to that point where I have to pee, I just let it go. Feels so good!

  • Like to watch you pee in your sexy tight jeans. I would like to sp unk all over your pretty face and watch you eat it all.

  • First time I wet my bed deliberately was when I was about 9. I don't remember exactly. I know I had been thinking about it a lot. I was fascinated by bed wetting and we were staying with our cousins and one of them was a bet wetter and he wore cloth diapers but no plastic pants and each morning all his sheets and everything were washed. I remember I was in bed and it was really cold and I woke up needing to go to the toilet but not wanting to get out of bed. I remember worrying about wrecking the mattress. In the end I just decided to let it go. No logic. Just kid logic. Instantly regretted it. felt dumb. Cold. Just lay there wide awake for hours shivering. Mum came in and was not angry. I had a bath. By the next night there was a plastic shower curtain put on under my bottom sheet. I let it go a couple of days but was so fixated on it and did it again because the holiday was coming to an end.

  • I have recently began to drink some of my pee when I am horned up... love it!

  • I love the taste

  • It is quite normal. I enjoy it and when get too h****, drink some of it and then m*********.

  • I used to wear adult diapers and if I got stressed, I would just wet myself. So relaxing

  • Same here it really releases stress. I enjoy the warm wet stinky feeling.

  • Yes totally normal.

  • Even animals won't sit in their own pee. In case you forgot pee and p*** is bodily waste. When babies wet their diapers they cry and if left that way will develop a rash. So no it is not normal

  • They won’t worth it just need some encouragement from couple of more stinkers thats why they come here

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