My wife knows I’m helplessly ticklish. Over time she has begun tickling me during s**. Now I get aroused the moment she tickles me, and sometimes in public she does this to tease me

Last week she had friends over, and I heard her telling them she could easily dominate me by tickling me. She can’t keep her hands off me even in public, and she constantly teases my nipples, armpits, bare feet

She said she could tickle me until I agree to be her cuckhold, and lick her clean every time she comes h8me from being with another man. She saw how hard this made me, but I’m not sure this would be good for our relationship

Do any of you have experience with this issue? I’d secretly love licking sperm from Susan’s p****, but will our relationship survive?

May 12, 2020

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  • Hahahahahah

  • Any woman who wishes to have other men in her life is not fully committed to you. I'd say break it off now and save yourself the pain. Find a woman who will treat you with the respect you deserve, not flaunt the power she has over you and try to humiliate you.

  • It can survive but there has to be no jealousy at all and she may not look at you the same or her feelings may change knowing you like to eat another man's c** out of her p****, she may just look at you as gay.
    I will say being a cuck and having a hot wife save another man's c** for the sole purpose of her husband eating and licking it out of her is awesome as long as your relationship can withstand this type of relationship

  • Yes it will but only if there is an alpha!? Is your wife there now!!

  • Ask yourself would you suck a man off and let him c** in your mouth.
    If course not, it's disgusting.
    So no, do not felch your wife.

  • Yes it will. As long as you're good with sperm licking, she's gonna be good with sleeping with other men. The only time it'll be an issue is is you decide you dont want to do it anymore. Then she might leave.

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