I think my wife maybe cheating???

My wife of 10+ years mother of two and very active in our church. Blond petite figure. Works for a large company has a job that used to require her to travel out of town for some over nights.
She would often talk about some the black me men she worked with and how flirty they were with her. I just thought it was boys will be boys and left it at that. I started noticing lately when she came home from some of these trips she did not seem to have interested in any kind of intimacy with me I wrote it off as she was just tired. Then I noticed when she returned she would immediately want to wash her clothes and take a very long shower. Then one day before she she was getting ready for one of her work trips I asked her if she had any cash on hand she says in her purse. While looking her purse I find several Xlarge condoms. Now have my answer I am sniped and she not on any birth control. This makes me angry I and see this sewing needle on the dresser next to her purse I use it to jab several holes in those condoms. Now everyone will know what she has been up to.

Mar 31, 2021

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