Crossdressing Used Condom Fetish

I’ve been crossdressing for as long as I can remember which quickly grew into a love of risky crossdressing in public.

I would regularly drive to out of the way car parks with lingerie under my normal clothes, wait until a couple in a car started f****** near me then strip off to my lingerie and m********* along with them.
Sometimes I’d pick up the odd pair of discarded panties which as a bonus but more and more I became aroused by the used, full condoms that were discarded.

The thought of holding the c** from a couple who I’d just listened to having s** next to me was such a turn-on.

As soon as the cars left the car park, I’d race over to collect my prize!

At first, I would untie them and slip them over my c*** so I could feel the warm c** lubricate my c*** as I stroked and then add my own c** to the mix!

This progressed to leaving them tied and sliding them into my ass, the stranger’s c** held safely inside me.
I did this quite often, most days having a used, c**-filled condom inside me with nobody knowing my dirty little secret!

I found a local car park where street hookers took their clients and found it was littered with full, used condoms.
I used to gather them up, take them home and while I was crossdressed, empty them all over me until I was covered in sticky c** as I came.

I don’t do it too much now, I wait until my lodger and his girlfriend leave for work, sneak into their room, dress in her lingerie and play with the used condoms that are in their bin.

Happy days!

Dec 21, 2018

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