Mexican Lady With Outie Belly Button

I knew a Mexican Milf named Elsa who had a sexy body but always long shirts. I never knew why until we dated. I lifted her shirt and saw she had an outie belly button. It was still sexy to me. I licked her stomach and went down on her. She loved it eventhough she would never let anyone kiss it because of how self conscious she was. I got a h****** and just came on her stomach after licking her t***.

But to this day I remember of how embarrassed she felt over showing off her navel ;)


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  • I have pulled out and came on several women's bellies. As far as Mexican women go, they are the hottest. When In college I was fking a 47 year old Mexican woman who was married, but her husband wasn't doing it for her. She was fat after 5 kids, and her t*** were ruined, but damn the way she swiveled and rocked her hips she could make me c** in 10 seconds.

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