Stomach sitting

I'm a boy from India and like to sit on girls' stomachs, or vice versa. I also like Netflix and chill. I don't think anything sexual, but it's friendly to sit on someone's stomach when watching Star Trek especially.

I also like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and bacon and having my dog lick my feet. I'm from India, you know. I'd say it once again, but you already know that. Did you know I'm from India and like to sit on stomachs? If you know of anyone on the site who likes this, hook me up. I'm from India.

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  • I'm from a province in the north of the Netherlands and would really like to know if there are any men or women who would like to sit on me full weight for hours on end. I am 65 years old now,1.90 m, 115 kg, and have loved to be sat on as long as I can remember. As a little boy I would always let my opponent win in a playfight so that they would pin me down and sit on me. I would pretend to try to get free and wiggle and moan so that they would sit real tight and heavy on me. I would tell them what I would do to them if I were to free myself. That way they would sit on me longer. After a while I would get tired and they made me promise not to try to escape anymore so that they could sit more relaxed on me full weight. I always gave in and let them sit on me for as long as they wanted. It was great. By some friends, when we met to play again I would lie down on the grass and they would come and stand in a straddle position over me and then sit down. They knew that I was their sit-slave and went along with it and enjoyed being my master or mistress.
    Later on in life my girlfriends and my now ex-wife would sit on me for hours. At the moment there is nobody to sit on me and I was wondering if there are any men or women close by who would like to sit on me full weight for hours on end. I will definately orally satisfy you too if jou get turned on from grinding my stomach down with your lovely weight. My stomach is waiting and ackeing for you. Please let me know.

  • I would love to sit on you but unfortunately, I live in the USA. Usually, I sit on women but occasionally I sit on men. At 73 I am also a senior citizen and stomach sitting is something that I have enjoyed for years. Especially grinding down somebody's stomach. I would love to feel your labored breath under me!

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