My sister is willing to be a surrogate for us.

I’m 28, married and can’t have kids. We talked about adoption but the cost is too expensive. The Dr. suggested surrogacy because depending on the arrangement can cost less. January & February my younger sister offered to be a gestational surrogate and host my egg & his sperm. We would pay for the in vitro fertilization, insemination and other miscellaneous costs. Her insurance will cover the pregnancy plus she’d get to use paid maternity leave. She has two kids and been divorced for a year now.
We planned to start the process in March but COVID-19 put a stop to that. It’s a non-essential procedure. My sister has always worked from home. Recently, my husband and I began working from home.
My sister offered to let us know when she’s ovulating and my husband could knock her up the old fashioned way. The only difference would be her egg & his sperm. We’re sisters, it’d be my call and she promised to make things easy for us to fully adopt. The three of us talked it over and agreed.
On March 9,10 & 11, I went to her place to watch the kids and she went to my place. End of March, her menstrual cycle started.
We abstained and on April 10,11 & 12 they tried again. End of April, her menstrual cycle started.
They tried again last week and we are waiting to see if it took.
The clinic called and they can begin procedures in July and asked if we wanted to schedule.
My sister has young kids and is very concerned about about having a medical procedure in a clinic due to COVID-19 right now.
Things are not awkward and they’ve been very considerate and respectful with me. They’re willing to continue the old fashioned way, as long as I’m ok. It’s already started so why not let it play out. I haven’t told them but I’m ok until December. If nothing happens, January 2021, I think we should go with the clinic.

May 17, 2020

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  • Update from the author:
    My sister is finally pregnant! I'd started to suspect she was still taking her birth control. Then, she missed her period for August and did a few OTC tests. They were positive so she scheduled a doctor's in September. She's pregnant.
    My husband and I started having s** again. Things seem to be back to normal.
    I hope this experience goes well. We'll see.

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  • Wow! You are an amazing woman. Your husband is a lucky man.

    You should join them and have a three way. That would likely reduce some of the anxiety and pressure your sister may be under and it may help her to conceive

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    Let it keep going, he'll love you both forever. H***, move her in with you.

  • My ex-wife was unable to get pregnant due to a health condition, but we tried anyway. Natural, medical, etc. It didn't matter to me, as having kids wasn't a "need" for me, but one night at her old apartment, my hot older sister offered. Nobody else knew about it, but, as I watched her clean up after we had dinner, I made fun comments about watching her shake and move her ass in the bikini bottoms she kept on after tanning on her deck (she did put a half-shirt on for dinner), and she laughed, thanking me and doing a few pointed ass shakes.

    "Speaking of shaking" she said in a more serious tone. "What's shaking with you having a baby? Any progress? Or is she just not able?" We sat on the couch and talked, I told her no, my then-wife wasn't able, but I was fine with it. Sister was having none of that talk, and repeatedly said how good a dad I'd be. That's when she hit me up with the "What about a..Rent a womb? Somebody to carry your baby, then it's yours..That would work". I told her it was also discussed, and she leaned in, kissed my lips and softly spoke "I meant me..If you wanted a baby, I'd do it for you, not her. Kid would look like us anyway, we look so alike. Who'd know who carried and gave birth? I'd be your rent a womb, hun".

    I admit, for awhile, she had my interest and made good points. Mostly, that the baby would look like me, not my then-wife, and since my hot sister and I had similar features, nobody would know if she had it or my then-wife. It was an idea to consider for sure. In the end, we didn't go through with it, but did keep having s**. My then-wife never knew about the offer or my ongoings with my hot older sister. Didn't know how close I came to saying yes, have a baby for us.

  • It isn't smart to go this route. If your sister changes her mind, you will not have a hold on the child and she may if she wants opt for child support from your husband, that's if you don't lose your husband to her.

  • Do you ever get to watch them f***?

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