Not sure if we are the first but probably

I am not sure if we are the first people to ever start doing this but my wife and I started swinging at a family reunion, My wife and I had 2 kids at the time when we attended the family reunion and by the time we left we probably didn't talk for the first 2 hours of the drive home. My wife was 36, I was 38 and we had 2 kids, My wife was 5'2", Small saggy ** and great, Chubby little **, She is super pretty and freckly and very outgoing, The first of the two nights we were there we got trashed, Her mom had the kids and we got so drunk, I don't remember most of it but at some point we ended up in a hot tub that I don't even remember where it was but we were in there with her half sister and her at the time boyfriend.
My wife's half sister is 9 years younger tall, Slim and stacked, Not really a great body but she's beautiful and tall and has huge **, Big, Floppy ** with big, Flat, pink, nips and is also very freckly. Someone made a comment about ** and then ** size came up and she said her boyfriend had a huge **, Now I am no Ron Jeremy but I am pretty proud of my size and my wife piped up and said we had to compare, We laughed and she insisted so I was more than willing, It took my BIL a bit of convincing but eventually we both stood up and dropped our shorts. Well....To be honest they are both about the same size, He's not circumsized and I am but otherwise they are really pretty similar, Somewhere along the way it was suggested they were not fully hard and out came my SIL's ** because my wife said hers would have the opposite effect.
I was very surprised at my wife being so...I don't even know the word but her sister was very interested in my circumsized ** and my wife told her to go ahead and check it out, My BIL told her to go ahead and then my wife and her sister switched pots and they both had their hands on our **, Her sister admitted that she had only been with 3 guys and all of them had toques so she was very interested and was being quite handsy, My wife looked at me and smiled and then pretended she was going to ** my BIL and then laughed, Her sister laughed and then she did it again and her sister pushed her head and her lips touched his **.
That sort of spawned a game of follow the leader where my wife would do something to him and her sister would follow suit with me, My wife started by stroking him and cupping his ** and her sister did the same to me, My wife sat him down and whipped out one of her little saggy ** and put her nip in his mouth and her sister sat me down, Whipped out one of hers and smothered my face in it and on and on it went until my wife stood up, Pulled her bottoms to the side and grabbed his hand, Stuck out one ** and slid it in her bald little **, Her sister stood up and pulled hers to the side and had a landing strip of ** and shoved my ** in her.
It didn't take long and we were swapping back and forth and her sister ended up riding me, We covered up half assed and ran back to their cabin, Me and my SIL went in one room and my wife and BIL in the other and just went for it, I have no clue 1...2...3 hours, Who knows but then the next morning my wife and I woke up, She started day drinking and that night we swapped fully, Them in one cabin and us in mine and the next morning they sneaked back to the right cabin and then I ** my wife.
We did eventually discuss it and then we had them over for drinks and for the last 3 years we have been swapping with them.

Jan 12

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