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Yesterday I (31 female) took my friend (36 Male) to the ER. He had shortness of breath, full-body muscle cramps, a fever and he hadn't peed in a few days. They did a COVID test and so far he is negative. Today I picked him up again after he texted me, angry that the medicine the doctor prescribed him was $90. He has recently lost his job due to the pandemic and therefore has no insurance. He also does not qualify for unemployment benefits. I also have no job, but I qualified for benefits and with the pandemic stimulus and additional unemployment I have been taking in more money than I have ever made in my life. I'm sitting on literally thousands (!!!!!) of dollars and I have very few expenses. I'm one of the lucky ones. So when he texted me about his medication, I made an easy decision. No friend of mine goes without their medicine when I have $5k burning a hole in my account. So I picked him up and drove him to the bank, and then the pharmacy. I wouldn't take "no" for an answer. While he was inside, I slipped even more money into his jacket. I don't care if I never get the money back, my friend has two little kids and I will not let them lose their father to pneumonia. I wish my country's government didn't suck so bad. I wish we'd hurry up and adopt universal basic income, or at least universal healthcare, because no one should have to tell a pharmacist "I'd rather die than pay $90 for a medication that I know costs $20 to make." No one should have to make that choice. What I did wasn't for karma, or out of moral or ethical obligation, it was the right thing to do. I won't say I didn't enjoy it, I just wish I could do it more often.

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  • Back in the day, ya know. When people actually saw the death of a pandemic.....nobody has seen one body in the street despite "crowded hospital" and " mass graves"... Why has not one person seen someone die from this pandemic.....God bless. Keep your eyes on the truth

  • I'm calling BS on this and I just posted something like this or he had flu type A which will kill you, but would tested for that.

  • So, I re-read this ER is free and Walmart is free what are u actually
    talking about? And well sure money is money I like being taking care of :)


  • A Z-pack is free or $4 bucks at Walmart and false-neg or sorry alcoholic DTs does he drink sounds like my dad which is no longer around. Yeah, I had to take care of my self. And a virus is hard to treat I was just in the hospital and got close to a nurse & she explained a lot.

  • Two Z-packs & that
    drug Trump said to take and sue, there is so much wrong with hospitals close to 50%.

  • Why is your friend not eligible for unemployment if he lost his job during this pandemic? Don't tell me he did not work long enough because that was waived. If he was payed under the table that is to bad because he was not paying taxes! Is your friend an illegal immigrant? If so thats too bad Became what part of illegal don't people get. He took a risk and it came up bad. You are nice to help him. But as we are now opening up and you are asked to go back to work. Will you go back to work or will you do what a lot of unemployed Americans are doing and sit at home and continue to collect unemployment because now the money is either more than you make or sitting and collecting the money is the easiest way to go?

  • I thank God for the wonderful National Health Service in this wonderful Great Britain where we don't need health insurance.

    This the best country in the world.

  • Uk and Canada don't need insurance. But you come to America for complicated diagnostics or surgery's because we have the best medical system going.

  • You are kind human being with a noble soul

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