Who need a beating

Wolf Blitzer need a beating.

Next Confession

I hate **.

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  • I say tony fauci!!

  • Nick Saban but just one beating won't be enough.

  • Mitch McConnell fo ** sho!

  • Adam Silver, Roger Goodell, Rob Manfred, and Gary Bettman should all be beaten. WE NEED OUR SPORTS BACK and they should be working FOR US to bring them back. But they aren't.

  • Yessir!!!!!!

  • I hope that sport NEVER returns to our TV screens , I include every kind of sport . I am fed up with all these sporting Neanderthals cluttering up TV schedules . Go scribble on some cave wall , sporting types !

  • You aren't required to watch ANY of it, so just STFU!!!

  • Nope! Gonna call you brainless sport losers what you are and keep right on doing it as long as you're losers! GET USED TO IT!!!

  • I love you too! So tired of mass communication pandering to the stupidest part of the population (which is unfortunately the largest).

  • You are fools. Don't like? Do't watch.

  • I love you.

  • Tom Brady needs one for leaving my favorite team, my hometown team, the Pats!!

  • Wolf is just a puppet carved out of wood. If you beat him, you'd just hurt your hand. Give it up!! Don't hurt your hands.

  • I fink evwybudy who dont agwee wif my vewy cool pwesident need a beating. Leave Donny alooooooneeeee, sob sob cry cry

  • Don in bad need of a beating. Bad!

  • AMEN. Take him out and give him one or two. Or twenty.

  • Can we keep it at right around ten? I only suggest that because I want to pace myself-- it's not just Donny Boy who needs a beatdown, but every piece of walking cancer stupid enough to still think he's worth any support.

  • You wouldn't need to work him over hardly at all-- just a good hard pop in that flapping mouth and all his power will drain away. Of course, if you want to go to town on the rest of him with a 2x4 or a pickup truck or something-- just to be sure, of course-- I don't think you'd hear any complaints. Except from the inbred hillbilly side, but they're always squeaking and moaning anyway, so no difference there.

  • "squeaking and moaning" LOL

  • Yes true go

  • Several cases of what's known as 'red state retardation'. sad but true. Its from all the centuries of inbreeding.

  • Inbreeding hillbillies. sickening.

  • Ought to become an endangered species... j/s

  • Lol, "red state retardation" is like "wet water"

  • Yes

  • John Oliver for sure that arrogant little **

  • Yes........a ** a **.

  • Nancy Pelosi definitely do

  • Nah...... Nancy need to get laid.

  • I will be happy to hit that!

  • I would hit it 3-4 times a day. That is some nasty ** she gots.

  • I got next!!

  • Double ditto For that!!

  • My boyfriend's wife! She is constantly keeping him from me and getting in my way! I hate that! She spends money that he should be using on me, and that keeps me from having nicer things! All she really does is take care of their ** kids but a fucken babysitter could do that! I mean **! Yes God please beat her **

  • Sounnds like YOU might actually need to be the getting the beat

  • You should go bust up that pisspoor marriage and get your man out of it. He belongs to you and you need to start acting like it. Blow up their marriage. You're a woman: you know how to do it.

  • If it was me I would let him get me prego then flaunt it to hos wife. There is real power in saying the words, "I'm carrying your husband's baby!!"

  • I did that for real when I was young and him and me are still Married and raising that child. His ex is broke up and a busted **.

  • Me. It's freshening. It's scary. I lie spread eagle on the bed and my wife ties my wrists and ankles. A ratchet strap holds my torso in position. A ** with a breathing hole in it is tied in my mouth.

    Then the whip or cane comes down. By bottom explodes in pain. I am instantly regretting this. I try to writhe and get away but I am too firmly tied. I bury my face in the pillow and bite down on the gag. Sometimes but only in winter there are some lashes across my back. Some on one leg with the end of the whip in on the soft skin between my legs. Very occasionally I will loose control and wet myself. Very very occasionally I will pass out with the pain. Sometimes she will stop and leave me and then come back after what seems and age and whip me more. During this time, I am just totally focussed on taking the pain. I never know when it will stop. The worst thing is if she asks if I am done or want more. I want to be totally in her hands.

    At the end I feel light. Alive. Energized.

    The best cure for a headache. In fact if I have a head ache, I just tell her and I receive a lighter version. No tieing down.

    When I first confessed this fetich to her she was reluctant and after it was over, I felt guilty, stupid. I resolved never to do it again.

    Now I like it that she initiates. She just says go prepare the room I want to whip you. I shiver.

  • Christ you are sooooooooo lucky to have a wife who understands what true love is and how to show it.

  • How about loser Sean Hannity?

  • And then the magnificently retarded Tucker carlson.

  • I'd like to beat that particular ** myself.

  • Yes! Totally! Thanks for sharing#

  • Chinese scum needs beating

  • No...........they need bombing!!!!!!


    Use that hashtag on everything you write now...........
    Emails text messages DMs tweets
    Birthday cards sympathy cards business correspondence. IG posts
    #tofuckand back

  • Nice try. But before you crawl back into your playroom, what is a "Tesume's"? LOL

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