Wife's naked pictures

I recently started showing semi nude and now completely naked pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she has worked with for years. Needless to say the first time he was nearly speechless and apologized thinking I didn't mean to let him see. After I assured him it was intentional it didn't take long before he would hint about seeing more of her and asked about having her posed certain ways. It took him awhile to admit to the fact he was jerking off to them every single night before bed and couldn't wait to get to work to see her. He said a few times he looked at her pics on his work computer while talking with her from her desk. He said he usually ends up in the men's room to j*** off and has done it a few times at his desk.
In time I mentioned a few of the pictures I sent to him to which she wasn't too happy until she read the comments he left. It took awhile but in time she was dressing a lot nicer for work including a few times in the summer much with less on underneath so to speak. It was HARD for me to even work on those days lol! She admitted to teasing him as if I didn't know since my friend showed me a picture of her bra one night. I'm not sure where this is going but sure am enjoying it for now. My wife is Italian, 46 years old, 135 lbs., dark brown eyes and hair (up & down) and last time I checked 34c,24,34. Am I crazy or is this semi normal lol???

May 24, 2020

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  • Search for tag - swallow b**** and this man cant resist his c**

  • Way back in the VHS days, my wife and I got into renting amateur p***, fast forwarding it to the end of the recorded stuff and then videotaping onto the remaining blank part, our own p***. The next day my wife would return the tape while I was at work.

    One late morning my wife went to the video store and was confronted by the owner of the store. He told her he knew what she was doing on his amateur tapes and was fine with it but needed proof of age and for her to sign a release. Her modified tapes were VERY popular and full tapes of her were eagerly requested.

    He gave her a small stack of blank tapes and said to leave a lot of room at the end as other couples were adding to our tapes. Yes, she had started a trend. Also, she no longer needed to pay for the rental of the p*** tapes being picked up, as long as she let him copy her I.d. and sign that form. She got him to throw in free VHS rental for any tape in store, even new releases. He got us to feature her face and take requests, within reason.

    What none of us knew at the time, was that part of the reason my wife's tapes were so popular, were men that knew her saw them. Word got back to where she was from, some 30 minutes away, and many of the fans were guys that worked with or went to school with her.

    We didn't suspect this until we both started hearing rumors. We didn't know this for certain until we started recognizing clips added to our previously recorded tapes. This didn't happen until that coworker of mine dropped enough hints that he really wanted me to rent a previously recorded on video. Sure enough, he and his wife was on it. She made it very clear she'd like a threesome with the two of us if her husband could be the camera man. Right after that tape was clips of other couples, where my wife recognized the men. As flattering as that was, it was too much and we stopped that hobby. Long story to tell you I think you are normal, enough

  • Send me some. ask for pics of my wife. frankcastle1964@gmail.com

  • I have shared myself f****** wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played on such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments. One of them commented that the body language of the man in action matches mine and just laughed off saying would be happy to f*** such a gorgeous lady full day.

  • Wendalk7606@yahoo.com.

  • Don'the mind showing her on yahoo

  • I have been able to take nude pictures of my drunk mother. She has no idea that I have been doing this. I've shown her nude pictures to my friends that know Mom very well and are over the house all the time. If she only knew how badly my friends want to have s** with her

  • If I got the chance I love to f*** your wife. She sounds h****.
    46yrs old
    Nice figure .
    Slim.waist, C cup t*** and best of all a carpet.between her legs.
    I think I'd f*** her then s**** all over her bush .
    Would she enjoy that ?
    How tall is.she ?

  • She's 5'1" care to see more?

  • I would

  • Don't mind showing....how old are you though?

  • I'm 22

  • Still not sure did you really find her pictures??????

  • I'm in excited suspence? Did you really see my wife's pictures?

  • Does it bother you that 14 year old boys have probably released gallons while looking at your wife’s nudes? You’ve done them a great favor.

  • She's 5'1" Did you really see her?????????

  • Hi did you find her pictures?

  • Not sure? Have you seen her?

  • Yes I've shown her a few times but with her face partially covered by emails via yahoo.com Looking for older men

  • Used to show her pictures on ipostnaked

  • I've only shown her pics to my friend she works with but used to post her pics on ipostnaked.com but with her face partially covered.

  • Is this her?

  • Hi what is the name of the post ? Wondering

  • Mrs. D

  • Love to see her photos please send record674@gmail.com

  • Do you use yahoo ?

  • Well if your sharing for the world id like a gander davidx2412@gmail..com

  • How old are you first?

  • How about sharing the link to the page she's on for ipostnaked.com ? Then you don't have to worry about directly providing the 13 year olds on here material to j******* too

  • If she knows you showed him nudes of her, I’m 100% confident she is going to suck his d*** or more to “get back at you”. Totally been there too. Enjoy the ride though and let her have her little revenge

  • No. I know lots of guys who get off on showing their wives and are happy to show photos. I'd love to see yours. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Ok sounds good. First how old are you?

  • Hmmm well how old are you?

  • Hi, thanks for showing interest in my story and wife for that matter. How old are you she's 46. don't mind showing her.

  • Love to see.....and comment.

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