Purposely saw my PE teacher naked in the gym shower

To start, this was less about revenge and more about just having fun I guess. My freshman year phys ed teacher was a 30 year old woman named Mrs. C. We all liked her but a couple boys in my class had issues because they were lazy.

I got a long with her great though. By October I had started going to the gym before school started with my older cousin who was a senior, lived next door to me and was my ride to school. Mrs. C was always there when I went. She’d shower there and then go to school.
We never showered ourselves usually but I started to by the spring... anyway...

So this one kid that was dating my friend failed gym for the first marking period. He hated her! We all just kind of humored him about it at first.

So I told him how I see her at the gym every day before school and he asked me what she looked like naked. I had no idea. There was 2 private showers in the locker room and an open shower area as well. I’m pretty sure she had always used the private shower.

But the boys became obsessed and wanted to know and came up with this plan. My friend and I would turn the other showers on and close the curtain and leave them going so she would have no choice but to go to the open shower.

I felt so bad doing it, but we did it. It worked but It wasn’t thought out too well. She used the open shower and even though we timed it right, we had no reason at the time to also walk into the shower so saw nothing but her walking back and forth in her towel.

We told the boys that day that the only thing we found out was she wore a green thong that day

Well that made their h**** minds go crazy. So the two boys, Mike and Jamie, got my friend Jess (who was dating Jamie) us to agree to shower there next time too to see Mrs C naked so we could let them know how she keeps her downstairs. Soo immature I know.

So 2 days later, same situation. I don’t think I had ever been more nervous in my life. And I’m completely comfortable naked. Even in public. Which is why Jess chickened out and made me do it.

So once we saw Mrs C wiping down her treadmill, we hauled ass into the locker room, turned the showers on and closed the curtain and waited.
Mrs. C came in, went in a row to sit in a bench and undressed and walked into the open shower.
So I sucked it up and did the same. She wasn’t the only one in there but she definitely had a surprised look on her face.
She was cool about it though. Said h*** and talked to me for a minute.

Now I LOVE boys, but g******* she looked good naked. Little b****, and a little patch of what I call “hot mom” fuzz on her crotch. She had a little tattoo on her lower back too.

I felt bad that I did what I did to tell 2 boys what she looked like naked (and I did tell them) but honestly it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever done.

May 25, 2020

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  • I'm also just for the boys but in HS I had a mad girl crush on my PE teacher. Nothing ever came of it. I never got to see her naked, but I made sure she saw me. I'd go flirt with her when I got out of the shower. I made a total fool of myself.

  • Well we’re you naked in the shower.

    Did you finger that bush? I would have made you bathe me

  • Hot mom bush 😂😂😂

  • Yes! So love the term "hot mom" fuzz! Can totally see it in my mind, shaved smooth all around except for a small patch of stubbly regrowth, "fuzz".

  • Bruh XD

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