Confused friend with benefits!...

I have had an open kinda secret friends with benefits with the same hot guy for about a year now. im officially getting confused by him because usually hook up situations like this do not last this long. he will come over and want to have a drink, sit down and talk with me and my roommate and her friends too. like he acts like a complete cool buddy of mine. and then we sneak our way into my room and have really great s**. a long time ago we discussed rules which over time have changed. like we wouldnt kiss on the lips, but ofcourse that changed, also no sleeping over, ofcourse that changed. now he is starting to introduce me to his friends! he'll lay in bed with me just softly touching me and talk to me for an hour. Now all this sounds great IF He was my boyfriend. He even tells me all the time how he thinks im so funny and he's so attracted to me. He actually said the other night while we were talking about s** and doing more crazy things how kissing seems "sacred" to him like its only for certain girls, but he kisses me, BUT then he goes and says i only do the sacred things for girls he has feelings for!!! the s** is so good, im ok with him not having feelings for me intensely. I like being single and dating a lot, but does he have feelings for me?? If he does, i confess that i would totally give in and give it a try with a monogamous relationship with him. But then in the past if he felt i was getting to close (which ive always assured him that im not falling in love with him) he would end things for like 2 weeks. Im Just So Confused!!!! would a guy who doesnt have feelings for me act like this, tell me his dreams and struggles, and f*** me for a year now consistently and also says he treats me differently than other girls. UGH

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  • you are a like each other. You always talk about what you think his feelings to you are..What about your feelings to him? Stand up for yourself and say you want more of a relationship..Be confident of yourself. If he likes you other men will and you have a choice.

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