betrayed!!!! please help me!!!

ok so this guy last year liked me but at that time i didnt like i liked him i told him n everythinggg and he said to me that he likes me..evyrhing was fine..he was out of the country and he came back...but he didn talk to me that much...there was some misunerstanding but it was fine last week..last wed i went over to his place n we kissed n everything was fine...i saw him last sunday nite but nothign happened he didn talk to me that well..monday nite he texted me only twice..tues nite i called him n he said he'll call me back..but he never did..tonite i saw him at his party n i asked him to dance with me twice he said he'll dance later...n then i saw him wtih another girl he was giving his sweatshirt to her!!!! i duno wat to do...i dont understand one side he asks me that we should make our relationship public n stuff..n he tells me he likes me..i jus msged him i duno wat to do m just waiting for his reply..please help me ..i feel like crying soo bad!!! :'(

Jul 8, 2010

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  • He's not into you, sorry dear.

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