First time

I was 13 and wanted to know what it s about to kick a boy in the b****. I never did it before because it was not necessary. But I wanted to try it.
There was this guy 2 years older. He s not very sweet and i don t like him much. But I knew he would do anything for me. I m a sweet girl. :-)
I asked him to help me. We met next afternoon in a park. I told him what I would like to try. He was not very happy about it. But he likes me. :-)
He asked me to take off my shoes and not kick him real.
I stood in front of him and asked him for the best point there to hit him with my foot. He took my foot in his hands and put it between his legs. That was funny. I laughed out loud, struggled a bit and fell down. :-)
He told me it s more painful to kick with my toes. He took my foot again pushed my toes softly under his short. It was so funny. I pushed my toes a few times up and down and felt something slip away. It was amazing. I smiled. He let my foot down and said it hurts a bit.
I wanted to practice some kicks but he was afraid of pain. I promised him to stop my foot at his short. He was fine with it and i practiced some kicks. Sometimes my toes softly hits his short. :-)
It was amazing but I wanted to give him one real kick. I wanted to know if it works, what s his reaction and what do i feel?
So I didn t stop the last kick at his short. It was not a very hard kick but my toes were deep in his short. He fell over down to my feet. :-)
It was so amazing. I felt so powerful. I really liked to kick again. But he was still on the ground. I said sorry but then I laughed. It was so funny. He didn t get up for 10 minutes. :-)
Next day I said sorry again. He was fine with it. He likes me. :-)
Now I m 15 and I kicked a few other guys. It works very good.
It feels so good to defend me against the bad and ugly. :-)
Sometimes I practice with this boy. He never says No. He likes me. Even it s painful. It s so much fun.

Jul 3

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  • I'm a sub male. My wife is not so much naturally dominant or inherently sadistic but she does panders to my masochistic side. She knows that as a sub I don't want to be asked so she plays the part well. There are times when she will have me stand and she'll kick me in the b****. It's excruciatingly painful but there's a calmness that comes after. Sometimes she'll even make me straighten up to receive it two or three times.

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