My friend and I don't talk

My friend and I just don't talk anymore. We hang out with our other friends,but they aren't my best friend.when my friend and I are around them, they talk with my friend, which is just fine. It's just fine except they talk like I'm not there. The only thing that keeps me happy is imagination,but my imagination, just doesn't have my neatest friend in it. What should I do?

Dec 1, 2013

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  • Then you are no longer friends.

  • Find new "friends", stop wasting your time. Real friends are hard to find, but you will find a few. Good luck.

  • But she is my best friend.

  • Friendships change. Unfortunately, not all friendships last. It just a part of life. The only thing you can do is see if she will talk with you and see if you can work out whatever is going on.

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