Sleeping with ex’s twin sister

So to start things off, they are fraternal twins. To make things easier, we’ll call my ex Haley and her twin sister Paige.
After me and Haley split, Paige and I still remained friends. As time after the break up went by, me and paige became very very close. We would hang out pretty often and just f*** around with friends. We would always take pictures together and send each other memes and s***. Though I never really hung out at her house (not an ugly breakup just out of respect).
But that respect card kinda get thrown out of the window one day. Me, Paige, and our friend Kerry are all hanging out in Kerry’s dorm room. We’re all having fun and laughing and goofing around. Until Kerry eventually has to leave for class.
Being that Kerry has the dorm to herself for a couple days, she allowed me and Paige to stay and wait for her to come back.
Me and Paige continued to have fun, we watched Netflix, we played games, and eventually started to play fight.
The play fighting turned into wrestling. On the floor, on Kerry’s bed, in the the little “living room” the dorm had. And from there is when everything starts.
Almost like a movie, we stop wrestling, look into each other’s eyes, and just started kissing. After kissing for a couple seconds we stopped and looked at each other like “woah.. that happened” but then we started going again but a little more aggressive. Making out now.
Things get heated and eventually our clothes come off. I’m already hard from making out with her but when she unhooked her bra and her Triple D t*** dropped out, my jaw dropped and my d*** got even harder.
She noticed that I got harder instantly, smirked and then started to j*** me off. After a couple seconds she dropped to her knees and started sucking my d***. Counting Paige, I have only been with 4 girls. She had EASILY given the best head I have ever gotten that day. She made me c** in 5 minutes. I gave her a warning and she just took it and swallowed it.
I’ll never forget when she kept jerking me off and asked “do you have a condom?” And the shame I felt for say “f***... no...” was unbearable because I thought I was about to lose my opportunity.
But she looked at me and said “okay.. we don’t need one... but you have to promise to pull out... okay?”
I told her honestly “Paige I can’t make any promises” and she just smirked and straddled me.
My ex’s twin sister... was literally... about to start riding me.... and i just couldn’t believe it.
She grabs my d***, lines it up and slowly sits down on it, letting out one of the softest and sexiest moans I’ve ever heard.
She sits on it without moving at first so I ask if she is okay and she just tells me she’s adjusting. Then she rides me. She grinds her hips and bounces on my d*** and i was in heaven. I had never felt anything like it.
We have s** for maybe an hour, maybe a little less like 45 minutes. In between, From riding me I bent her over, grabbed her ass, and f***** her doggy style. I grabbed a handful of her beautiful ashy blonde hair and yanked it and that drove her crazy. Then after that we switch to missionary.
I’m looking her in gorgeous blue eyes and were kissing and unfortunately all good things come to an end. I give her the warning that I’m about to finish and ask her where she wants me to c**.
She doesn’t answer me and first and the clock was ticking and I say “Paige where do you want me to c**?” And she looks at me, wraps her legs around me, pulls me in, and says “I remembered half way thru that I’m on birth control so c** inside of me” and I DID NOT even question it because as soon as Paige said that, 15 seconds later I blew my load inside of her.
She teased me by bucking her hips up on my sensitive c***... but she was also close to finishing again herself so I let keep going and she pulled me in for a kiss when she came.
After pulling out, I saw my c** drop from her p**** and I just said “holy s*** that happened.” Paige laughed and said “yeah I think we probably both needed that” and we cuddled after.... my c** is dripping from her... and we decided to cuddle... to make matters worse... in Kerry’s bed.
We ended up falling asleep... and we terrifyingly woken up later when Kerry returned from class... she looked at us and just screamed “no f****** way... guys... first of all finally... second of all... f****** gross... that’s my bed” and the story kind of ends there.
Haley still does not know about this.
Me and Paige are not officially dating. But we act like a couple sometimes. We take very coupley pictures a lot. That story happened a year ago and we do still have s**.
So along with sharing a fun story, I also ask for advice in the question of: What should I do? Should we tell Haley? Should we keep it a secret? If me and Paige make it official I don’t want things to be weird

May 28, 2020

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