Wife shares how many, but not who she's been with of my friends

My wife and I are had dated since she was 18 and I was 20, with 2 breakups in there. We are now 30 and 32. Before me she was with 2 other boys. I was her 3rd.
Our first breakup was for about a couple weeks in college, but it was a soft break up. We were really still together. We just wanted to see if we could handle not talking because she was 1000 miles away that year.
The 2nd break up happened when she was 22 and lasted for 6 months.

So recently we were playing an adult version of truth or dare with some friends. Nothing wild or crazy. But one question she got was "How many facebook friends of your partner have you slept with?"
Now I am facebook friends with one of her ex boyfriends from high school as well as another guy I knew she had a small fling with during that 2nd breakup. So I'm expecting the number to be 2.

So the small group of us are waiting for her to finish her scrolling through my friend list and give an answer. She does, and says "5, but it's 6 if you count giving head too"

So I was cool about it. Not upset, I mean whatever happened happened, but i was curious as ** about who they were. Our friends were getting a good laugh at it too because she wouldn't name them. All she would tell me is she never cheated on me, but stuff happened when we were broken up years ago. It's driving me crazy not knowing who too (And I knew full well she had ** with other people at the time, just not that I may have known some of them!)

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  • Ah for a true adventure, try to find out which of her own friends on Facebook have shaken their d.ick onto her face too

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