My fiance is gaining weight again and I love it

When we first met in college she'd been about 240lbs, just about my body type since I've always been a chubby chaser. Over the last two years she'd gained about 20 lbs. That is until a few months ago. It's been the perfect storm for her waistline, college coarses were switched to online, she's taking a new medication with a weight gain side effect, and we've been able to spend a lot more time together.
In just 4 months she's gained over 30 lbs and doesn't seem to be stopping. She's known my preference for a while now and while she doesn't want to get too big she loves what the weight does to me. But I've been getting greedy. Whenever she asks me to go to the store or pick something up I always make sure to grab a snack or size up the order. Whenever we have s** I make sure food is involved so she associates food with s**. The result is that her appetite has blown up and I get a certain satisfaction from knowing I was at least partially a cause for it.
She's told me that she doesn't want to reach 300, and while I agreed I'd help her with her diet if it comes to that point, a part of me hopes she keeps getting bigger and bigger.

May 28, 2020

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  • Fat women have tighter c****, and there a**** are well cushioned for those nights when you invite your buds over for turns f****** her ass.

  • An obese wife is the best thing. Mine is wide as the door, heavy and soft. Huge elephant legs, belly hanging almost to the knees, she only wears thight clothes, my d*** get hard every time i come home and feed her, and we have great s**. What can you wish for?

  • Agreed, can’t wait til she gets that big. It’s only a matter of time

  • I love that she seems helpless to stop herself. What does she love second helpings of?

  • She can always go for another slice of cheesecake or brownie. Not to mention her snacks during the day

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