My Bruises Make Me Feel Worthless

My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years (married for about 2). We have been though a lot together, I mean a lot. We have had our ups and downs but we always bounce back and I can honesty say that I know we are head over heels in love. But the downs have been getting worse. In the past year, my husband has put his hands on me more and more. He grabs me so hard I have ridiculous bruises on my arms. He has grabbed me by my throat with my daughter In my arms. He has grabbed me by my hair. Recently, we argued in the car and he punched me in my arm. This was the first time he has actually hit me and I can’t get that out of my head. He even apologized immediately after he did it. I think he freaked himself out. I know he regrets it and we worked it out and came up with a plan on how to actually fix this part of our marriage, but I can’t get it out of my head. My bruises make me feel so worthless. I just think that I’m nothing. I’m trying to move forward but knowing that he didn’t respect me enough to not touch me just breaks me in half. I am guilty of slapping him but I can honestly say it is out of self defense. I never thought I would be this person. I never thought I would be the wife that runs right back to her husband like nothing ever happened. But I love him so much and I know he loves me. When we don’t argue we have so much fun together we are happy. I’m just depressed. I don’t know what to do anymore

Aug 8, 2018

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  • I grew up I a dysfunctional home just like your scenario. My parents were deeply in love for 15 years! My father had bad anger issues narcissistic behavior,demandful,jealous,control freak. I still remember being 4 years old and seein my mom get beat to death nearly. Daily arguing fighting physical altercations. Because of that I’m mentally f***** up I get anxiety attacks,moody,panic, wreck and throw myself at bullshit. It’s affected me so much that I known-have to see a psychologist weekly for ever and to feel better. Unless you want to affect your child for a lifetime don’t be a selfless mother who only cares about her feelings. Think about your daughter/kids. Their the most important and are the ones that pay for adults mistakes.

  • U do the cheating u get the beating lol which i assume is wat happened since u make no mention of wat tne arguments are about maybe h*** stop hitting u if u let him beat that p**** more lol and the brusies dont make u worthless but the gut u got does

  • I enjoy running my hands over my wifes welted bottom.

  • Please, for your own sake, and for your daughter’s sake, get out of there. Find a Safe Harbor Shelter. By staying with him you are only validating his actions, and it will happen again.

  • Your bruises aren't the problem, it's the person who bruises you! Physical bruises fade. But the emotional, mental and psychological bruises will remain, if you don't leave the person, whose causing you this pain. Don't be another walking statistic. Domestic violence can sometimes end in death. Do you think your life is that worthless and not precious? Take your belongings and necessities with you one day and leave, when your husband isn't around. Seek help, support and guidance from close friends and family, don't suffer in silence.

    Your life isn't worthless, it's precious. Don't relinquish your life's meaning and worth, to a scumbag who doesn't treasure it. If your husband loves you, he wouldn't hurt you! It's as simple as that, don't make excuses to endure and justify anything bad he does to you, because that won't solve anything.

  • Domestic violence isn't a joke! Don't be another statistic and stereotype. If your husband truly loved you, he wouldn't physically abuse you. There's no excuse for it and it's unacceptable!

    Marriage counselling isn't going to eradicate what's already transpired. Time leave him and start a fresh.

  • He does need help with a counselor. He just might really harm you real bad. Getting hit and getting bruises is not part of being married. Yes it does take commitment and lots of love. Just like a alcoholic one has to admit they have a problem

  • I’d love to kick his ass he wouldn’t hit me. It’s only gonna get worse turn him in. Why would you put your children at risk? It’s tough but you have to do it.

  • Stay away from him to make him realize your value bcuz he takes you for granted. There is nothing wrong in kicking his b**** in self defense.

  • Seek Help. Talk to friends. Write him a letter explaining the issues. If all this does not improve the situation then leave.

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